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f e dfeed V

fed feed is sort of a highbrow web zine
zine cuz two folks run it, and they publish themselves and stuff they like.

I have a bit of trouble with that cuz they're into money changing hands - like advertising, paying writers, etc. so it's gone some beyond the hobby, but still seemed homegrown, in 1996.

Stephen and Stefanie ran it,
Stefanie I know best,
met both briefly first at echo bbs party, late april '96.
wry wry wry.

turns out she's the one who first mentioned me in the wall street journal, so we knew of each other at a distance.

and soon closer together a few weekends in a row, a few nights, party after party we leaned against walls, slumped down on couches, near portholes and assholes we spoke of media and madness, and being too analytical

which is sometimes how she strikes me, sharp, but she has circles under her eyes like I used to in first grade when I stayed up too late reading under the covers.

red she introduced me to here pictured me and stef and red burns, head of nyu's Interactive Telecommunications Program, a 71 year old media maven stef admires.

exciteable leo

we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you a

Public Service Announcement
stef got an assignment from details magazine to follow me around on my 96 summer bus tour. that came to a strange head. the piece never ran. i still haven't seen it.

now feed's got deals with the new york times, wired. in december, 1997, i found them hard to read on my fourteen inch monitor.

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