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8 may, 1996
today much like yesterday
making media
roll of film return;
jean, wilson, dom, chandra, respeak, feed, finalfive

lil' jean lani roomie and me dorf
eee first world feed dom

blue two

panel on "academic excellence"
I wanted to observe validity of broad versus deep learning
my point got cluttered in rhetoric and revenge and keeping track of each and every nuance point I wanted to make

but I came back in the midst of student -> faculty evaluation praisation

gots to have teachers write our asses up at the end of the semes -
enough of this a,b,c shit, give me my progress, some recommendations, classroom character sketch

latetonight chatting with wilson, ben, ned
I want to hear about ben's freshman romance
he wants to hear about everyone wilson's ever had sex with at swat
wilson starts to tell him, "it's no secret"
I don't think ben was ready for that.

suffice to say I go to school with some funny mutherfuckers

ben pautious pomposity and pedantic word placement
wilson pedantic word placement at a plus de phrantique pace
ned, half cocked on a single beer, and I suffice to guffaw and hilarit - keep the flow go

in a week an a half, I'll be on the roa

yet more thought to next semester,
today's panel it became apparent - it costs $30,000 to go to swarthmore and whether or not I want to be financially considerate that is a resource concentration that might be better off in more humble personal learnings

damn I love this place, and the tachers, students are great,

maybe it's end of the semester separation anxiety

horus the thing pullin' me 'way the most,

got a vision this:

house, mine, alone,
fourty minute walk from a small town with a grocery store, a pub, and a library.
read and write a book
me skel small old medium to reach older folks

develop two hundred pages continuity
and self-publish that shit.

(livin' some, sounds like ireland

6am finish webbing, early wakeup to work
birds already on their way to the office
good thing I library napped and ate late

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