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vagabond jim

kiss his art
amy calls him
"mr. pointer outer"

vagabond jim works with me at electric minds. the most close to my age, and often in terms of perspective on the web, close to me as well.

he's a little less old school, like he thinks it's okay to use font size= instead of header tags.

but I can't doubt his chops - he worked on the sega site, which is a lot of pages. like thousands.

and, he has his own site, with nice graphics and sentiments - vagabondage. but it's not updated, he's been drafting a major redux for months. and months. and months.

evolve, jim, evolve.

he encouraged me to use bbedit, which has made my life much easier (instead of simpletext),
and I did relent on font size= tags, 'round about october 28

he's well known in the spacebar parts.

it's nice to have someone around who's created their name/identity.
I think it has to do something with having moved 15 times by the age of 21.

he's a cancer.

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