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overshare: the story

A movie about a web site about a guy.

The Justin Hall Show:

From 2013- ???

Justin's Vids


Here are a few videos before 2005:

a view from Tokyo Game Show 2005
September 2005 - A View from the Tokyo Game Show
Another experiment in 16:9 formatting, especially for the Sony PSP: M4V00009.THM and M4V00009.MP4.

dark night
January 2005 - Dark Night Flick
I sort of had a breakdown.

December 2004 - Interactive Media?
Asking questions about computers and play.

Thanksgiving 2K4
November 2004 - Thanksgiving 2K4
Family and food for this feast serviced by substitute cooks.

Sex Church
November 2004 - Sex Church
If you can't find a place for spiritual-sexual worship, how about creating one in film?

October 2004 - posted
Julian Bleecker explores augmented reality and self-expression through Post-It notes.

Robin in Wonderland
October 2004 - Robin in Wonderland
Robin Hunicke encounters and is excited by strangelings. Join us!

tokyo game show 2004
September 2004 - Tokyo Game Show 2004
Documentary punditry from the floor of Asia's largest commercial Video Game Spectacle.

house video
September 2004 - Culver City Video "Casita"
Justin narrates his home ownership.

Cody's birthday
August 2004 - Cody's Birthday
Artist Cody Saxton celebrates her birthday with some graffiti.

July 2004 - SpinCycle
Buffeted by waves - is he crazy?

hlr57 mov
July 2004 - Howard's Birthday
A Birth Day in the Life of Howard Rheingold.

March 2004 - Performance Rituals of Sex Shamans in 21st Century San Francisco - (Gravy Train live in concert)

Fall 2003 - short digital camera clips from Seoul, South Korea -
Percussion on a river boat - 2.1 meg .wmv with titles
Eating live octopus- .9 meg .wmv with titles
South Tower overlooking Seoul - 1.7 meg .wmv with titles


June 1999 - Blood - Nude Role in a Short Film about Menstruation

2000 - Radio Free Steve - insane internet evangelist cameo in a 1980s Vision of the Future.

home page
Summer 1996 - Home Page - a documentary about people sharing their personal lives online. Went to Sundance Film Festival!


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