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Grampa confronts mortality

21 july 1995

My grandfather, after 87 years of the finest vitamin aided health, finally was diagnosed having a cancerous growth in his lung.

I called him to get the lowdown.

All this in my Grampa's slow Tebraska manner of speaking.

To get a sense of how he sounds, listen to his even tone, simple speech(389k aiff).

you ask how I feel (I didn't yet).
had to do with what you call obstruction of the bowel
why that gas can't escape
doctor had already gone home, o course.
deaden everything, you know
in the night, why they gave me 3 enemas.
doctor came by in the morning, said, have you had a bowel movement?
I said, well doc, there just isn't anything left to move.
thursday, to doctor put some weight 115lbs. about shall we say 5'9"
iodine in blood, shape of a barrell
when do you go back to school?
oh yeah, well that's not very far away, is it.
just a little concerned about what you got mixed up in back there
steer clear of those things, don't be just a follower

get out there and make a name for yourself, I know you will.

I am not afraid of death, I've made peace with the one upstairs, see?
renny one day he and I were fishing
he wasn't in the greatest of health
I said, well renny, which ever one gets up there first,
find some fishing places.
Your gramma and I have been so fortunate to have these years together,
we are so happy to not be in a home, you know,
to be staying here in our house.
well ole boy, we'll keep in touch
our paths will cross one of these times
got some clothes here for you to come by and pick up some time
just kinda kidding on that.
we are so very proud of you.

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