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macintosh duo 2300

with my Duo 2300c - December 1996 i liked my duo because it's light and small and it's got a modem.

too bad apple don't seem to be makin' too many more duos!

2300c mom bought it for me in february of 1996. it was a fast power pc computer laptop then! cutting edge! yeah!

so it served me well on the road that summer.

i expanded it from 8 to 56 megs of ram in the spring of '97, that made the 100mhz more bearable. and the 1.1 gig hard drive is still big enough in early 1998 to hold my applications and my entire site. but not my art in progress! sniff sniff.

it's astonishing how i moved into this little thing, it was the first computer i painted and stickered. i used it plugged in at my desk most times, but it made a pretty good telnet terminal when i'm on the road.

I wrote my thesis on it.

too bad the keyboard is so small, maybe i should blame this thing for my wrist pain.

i've stopped needing to take it with me everywhere now that i have a pilot though. that's nice, because this computer was getting too beaten up. fortunately, i've been able to get apple to replace the screen more than five times!

i lost the duo when i was mugged, and replaced it with a thinkpad.

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