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9 may, 1996
arranged, shopping for a bbq
another reason to take a societal break:
overweight middle aged chain smoking mothers severly disturbed by my presence mutter "jesus christ" as they stare at me perhaps they saw a resemblence.

I had my cleaned grill buffalo burgers and veggie patties, gospel music and rain

no one showed for the quantum bbq

another time.

<a href=denise still health detained since sunday
visit and take her for a walk, really
she hasn't left the bed for days - I know how that feels
we flounce about the crum in the slight wet and damp cold I made her put on more clothes, socks and flat shoes not heels but she was hot shedding sweaters and leaped into the stream
take me to the garden!
tales of thomasin travels to the far side of the forest
where a house adjunct of stone abandoned overgrown is like a movie set from young indiana jones directed by linklater
each time I return is a fresh load of beer cans I don't understand today most all of the two cases best of milwakee were half filled and abandoned
some bizarre ritual
besides cleaning and collecting and smashing cans
we rode around on friendship's straight razor
maybe she'd been cooped up for too long or maybe it's cuz her dad left for bolivia at her aged two and never met him five cent analysis is lonely and listless with for men
like your humbler narrator um she's sweet and sexy yeah
but it was a smell partial cue


red bar breakup like bathroom smell lingering along side aged toothmissing chinese fellow in the bart station, san francisco
he approached me with a front like interesting stories and simple queries but soon thereafter was come to my house I will wait on you and spend money on you and where are you going and what's your name and can I come with you
if I'd just gone with the smell of men's bathroom that accompanied his greeting, I might have avoiding any discomfort

not to cast similar aspersions on deniscent, but she is, smelled sick like unwell like something to regret
fun to be sexy to touch each other to play with clothes and innuendo not even veiled but eventually has to come down to

what do you want
what do we want
friends friends friends
cuz when I have sex with folks I am much more likely to dispise their faults
I suspect that would soon be the case with denise and I would rather spare suffering

wissun we were agreed and still friendly sexy but return eventually to the health center, to campus where I'd spent three hours with that girl (who post leaving joy looked so sad and sad to be left alone in a bare white room and many hours ahead of no company called me that night for more)
and no time at dinner with wilson, but duncan who's read recent pages and thinks I'm obsessed with wilson cuz I mention him so many times

and I spent no time sleeping until eight crash post dinner nap until 10 something much computer desk lingering of a mail sorting sort and a game playing sort

ug, procrastination. lord free me
justin, get some reality, jesus christ.

red bar breakup

so I worked on my plans, mans travellin times calling greyhound has a site but they don't list wichita kansas, or columbia missouri

priorities - fat cutting empowerment for me to realize that I just can't go to orlandah on this trip, because florida is just too far out of the loop losing many days in transit but daytona nearby future trip

too many now that I have approximate leg times

(monroe LA to Corpus Cristi 16 hours solid bussin'

man, there's goin' be some pure heck involved.

it's not too late to offer a place between points, please
thank you to those outreachin' souls it's goin' be sheer joy

huh? today someone e-mailed offered me a $100 donation if I e-sent him a naked picture closeup of my hard cock
another 5 am night work and no cda brief recap review I missed all the philly trial priorities

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