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nov 5

I wake and consult crazy mason on stock trades
some people really do things their own way
me, I bought some e-coli infected shares, $270 worth

(butt-bustin' commission)
cuz I believe in the company
and their tradgedy stock is super low
and I had money in a savings account, so I just leave it somewhere else
and cuz I was too dumb to buy a call instead.
(mason taught me that)
obscure trading shit -
buy the right to buy it for cheaper later
higher risk, higher return.

I called internic to pay for my domains
time maybe to let some go
see someone else do good with them
but not my $250 worth

election day
the drunk the retarted and the severely overweight man my booths
there's a child filling out a ballot as I enter
they don't have me on their rolls
on their print outs
but I can vote any way
there's an elderly hispanic woman recieving help from her daughter
that was powerful.

lil' voter

I voted for nader and marijuana.

ruz and I watched the results trickle in over T3, realaudio and cbs,

they never quite kept up with fm radio

I arranged a class with internet alfredo
my first teaching gig for money
up to 15 students pay $20 for two hours of something
I split the money with the joint
and I engage people on personalizing their site
how to expand some spirit online

my busy brother and I finally close our loop - it has been a long time
basically, justin, wherever you are you will be a force
find ideas and teachers and stimulae and action
at electric minds, swarthmore, on your own
you are who you are, you are not deciding who to make yourself

he makes me think of my summer trip
I really thought it would define my being - travel, people, sharing

and it did define my being
but there's so much more to go -
as colin puts it, filling in the data points
there will be lots of data points

freedom brothers
I rilly love this pikchur
thank you, barbara messing.
so after we hang up
there's no clear choice, only some lightening, which is awesome
I do do a lot
so I draft a letter to a friend at zdtv

Date: Tue, 5 Nov 1996 19:11:59 -0800
From: justin <>
Subject: justin's web makeovers

my friend jenny cool had a dream (relayed by a common friend)

that I was on tv, doing justin's web makeovers, like beauty
with a studio audience ooing and aahing as I presented folks with the way a background image or header tag might change their whole outlook

so I started to think, about how much I enjoyed being on tv with denise, the positive feedback I recieved therefrom,
that I can talk to you and feel that you are in the right place with regards to creativity and spirit,

and so I wondered this:

(if not justin's web makeovers)

a three to five minute segment (or 10 or 20?) with me on camera, and a featured web site or person of the day. not necessarily a person or web site of much fame or destinction.

as I speak with them, and/or run the site on the screen, I give tips and wisdom on augmenting web presence. how to expand your personality online. how to reach people through the wires. what specifically can be done for the first half, and then take that and expound upon it as a general means of carrying yourself online to round it out.

it's a least worth a pilot I imagine.

I would love to explore this, or other ideas you might have over lunch sometime soon.

thanks for your time,

I eat some we be sushi dinner with vagabond jim
who does have some of the tennesse gentleman in him
and karen, with whom I talk business

and I draft a letter to a sympathetic (?) swarthmore administrator

Date: Wed, 6 Nov 1996 02:06:54 -0800
From: justin <>
Subject: re turn

bob -

thanks for your availability.

I'm thinking about a lot of things, trying not to take them too seriously.

when I think about swarthmore, and I'm still not sure what I'll be doing next semester,

when I think about swarthmore I have some questions that I hope we can work on to make imagining swarthmore easier.


I spoke to tom blackburn about getting credit for my original work at wired/hotwired in the fall of 1994. he told me I had to write a paper about it. I've done a lot of writing. he and I didn't really "click," right; I never got around to codifying that work and presenting it to the school for credit.
- it being already a year passed, more than a year, can I still present writing or some other means of obtaining credit for that work during my time off?

in addition, I would like to present this summer and this fall for credit units. my summer trip and my work here at electric minds are each worth academic credit. I can explain further if need be; again, I've done some writing about these experiences, compiling these writings and making them academically accessable should be worked out with someone next semester.

it is critical that I live on campus in a dorm that has an ethernet connection. I don't know the situation with ethernetting the dorms, but a reliable and swift connection to the net is critical for the work I will continue to do while I am there.

I would like from the school the power to distribute half credit units and at least some kind of budget - to gather, teach, equip and compensate a group of students active online. with purchased digital cameras and digital audio equipment, we would record on and off campus and render multimedia reports on a college based web site.
I have been loosely organizing similar work during my recent time at swarthmore - the existing organizations (phoenix, bulletin, halcyon, etc) have neither the flexibility nor the budget.

money at swarthmore is both easy and hard to come by - I can write a more cojant proposal. essentially, I would like to see some official swarthmore monetary or acadmic support granted for the teaching and organizing work that I have done and will continue to do. and I don't want to work on the proposal during the next semester, I want to hit the ground running in january.

so, bob, lemme know what you think.
thanks for your time.

gimme a call,

even jill stays 'til super late tonight, near three am. something about the computer induces task centric behaviour.

what sucks is this screen has to now be tilted back and forth every thirty-two seconds to restore a video connection. I really beat the shit out of my hardware.

looking back over today, and bearing in mind both my recent i ching tossing and christiana's pushing me to firmity

I can see a plan, if not a plan, a person emerging from the haze
broadening my teaching career to professional for pay gigging stand up small time
and perhaps broadband perhaps glibish televised personhood

staking out desires for control and autonomy and support and affirmation in a college setting as more than a student but an organizer I guess

so I was supposed to be affirmative about something and I knew that if I did what was put before me and did it well and focused, the right path would emerge

why not collect data points? do those things that emerge as fun and fitting

and so have I begun to lose some steam for pushing pedagogy for electric minds, at least in the immediate
colin put it as busting my ass for someone else when there's enough in this brain, for enough years, to take my time and do it straight

(especially when they ask me to sign such absurdity

it was his prideful cooing and years with hall that best coddled me collegeward
of course I continue to decide nothing, but now find my five or ten fingers in more and perhaps sweeter pies

all that remains is some intense interpersonal relations to mire my heart
the flowered girl responded more tepidly than one might have forecasted
just as virtual and snitish as always

otherwise I begin again to continue to enjoy being justin hall
as I wonder to watch out for becoming more a caricature
sold as something

for which money and teevee are twin marketing mavens of mammon.

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