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promotion is passion.

you've composed web pages,
for your dog, your journal, your jewelry store,

and now you want folks to look at it

start by thinking about who your audience is.

Go to every page that you like to visit, get the e-mail address of the author, tell her you like her page, and tell her about yours. If your pages pertain to a specific subject, go to the newsgroup for that subject and spread the word. Go to all the related pages on the web and point 'em towards yours.

Soon, you'll have more users than you can click a mouse at. Be sure to have your e-mail address on your pages, so people can let you know what they think.

Quality is better than hype.

Communities of interest, not mass market media.

The best way to get people to come to your site is to put a lot of webergy into it. Seriously, if your site changes every day, people will be attracted to just that. It's unexpected, it's alive.

try submitting your site.

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