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12 april, 1996
stupa made I not it
for the law
but lingered school rather
over doodles
and schoolwork
tantra tantra tantra:

the new age

yes folks, it's finally finished
my most gradual completion
four weeks over late
rock on

today was booteeful
drug weather
the sun and the fewer clothes
tempt I

thanks and praise be
I stayed sober

tablah, and sabor
pulse pounding paced percussive jam

heck yeaah!
indian style

seated with stoners,
I mused over fire

writing something to be shout loud

then the night
light sight
my love gun
son let me tell you
it's smell
they can tell


there's a lady marked sheet justin hall
what thinketh thou women of cornell
science library bathroom middle stall

trust and lust

I've thrice heard
each time I feigned anew knowledge

how deceitful

friend wilson

(whom I consult often these days)
advised I know now the prepublished effect
like folks on your home page.

lush lucious
lead around
slapped overwit brit
she wrarw
can't buy my luh - huve

came of this
I am dance less
perplexed dout vulneration

I wrote this midway:

Traversing two - parties yeah Im to be mistrusted tonight wavering between life + unconscious cornell wall thrice reportage
Paces carnival and Old Club swim team tender slam I'll tell you slight shrift story - my desires explicitate trouble strong woman sought found deliberate movements mine attraction dance return to old club for partner for now gone sighted at Paces, ahh, tell you this black suited subtle coordinated chica sloshed sadly, not saught, my force strong bewteen locales is trust seeing someone me never I opened my firs shutters Prince now time music why not Denise brought me up but I'm dropped after rereturn (after hips slow dance and slap) she consulted friends as we parted, my access unpaid Denise pause she's sick but everreliable she she dance heh energy fire comfort. outside post Paces I am slapped she, her verbale now (chest fore) not to be trusted over 1741 ancestor arrival and UK origin, too wit I guess good feelings but much vulnerable now I explain desires nothering more than hug + snuddle ample desirous so many games guarded she pretend not to know anything besides cornell must I prove I now? curious and alone not dancing. Just looking for someone to smile at me.

want to fence wits with
to hug and stuggle with
in the midst of summer heightened outdoor community
I am feel lone.


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