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13 april, 1996
jean gaddy wilson calls early
another newspaper publishers gig
fly in New York the afternoon before
speak from 7.15 to 7.22am april 29
take my shamanism final at 1pm

this woman can pull off timing like that
she's a friendly patton

but burdened
a daughter's gone awry
sorry many many bad checks
moving unannounced at 21
severing pain for the mother
comparing experiences
trying to help can leave one drained and sad

if people is hungry ghosts,

they got to leave and you let 'em
solely self strong

sinners meeting
knitting club and environmental poverty activists
yeah, internet!
yeah swarthmore!

visited a cornell stall
two spooled printer papers
what does everyone think of justin hall?
women responding to my energy
he's an annoying jerk
prejecting my force into the world
goin' upset some folks

what's worse

he fucked with my roommates mind
definitely a thumbs down guy

jus' trying to have a good old time

gotta watch my playmates I guess.
step show
branded arms
black fraternities

the most black folk I've ever seen at Swarthmore

while I respected the community
something about that bonding alienates
grounds for sexism elitism, exclusion

subgroup in a subgroup
new old boys club

there was some good dancin',

and then they turned on the music for all us folk
I got in a dance off or two
matchin' mojo with some shakers

faruq there was four other parties goin' down
I spent the most time otherwise
at the engineers party
geek fun
ennobling to see the scrawny move
evan was dancin' without his shirt

attractive friends

erotically clad
chatting sex on the brain
still, once you know why she sleeps with so many
how can you be one?
everybody's lonely.

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