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abbe don

at electric minds, abbe don is called the "design dominatrix"

saucy abbe

the other prominent sagittarius on the team

she's a wild one,

I wonder if I'm that intense and erratic

at times, we spar jokingly,
horseplay like no others

allow a half hour elapsion, I approach her in a similar manner with my hooves

and I "have no sense of control. have no sense of boundaries."


sometimes, no sense of humour.
sometimes the corniest sense of humour.
like she really dug on pyst,
when we went to the digital storytelling festival with mark
it was alright. but lacked subtlety. it was humour for humour's sake.
like abbe every once in a while tells a corny one and gets her own silent chuckling rolling to encourage yers.

I knew her through jonathan before electric minds, and I was supposed to work pretty closely with her to bring the site to fruition,
but after my summer tour my hands went awry and she mentored more vagabond jim

lucky him.

I mean that - she's a fierce designer,
technologically savant, with a strong spirit, and personal pizazz

her we make memories is simply one of the best uses of computer media I have ever seen. from so many standpoints.

technologically savant, with a strong spirit, and personal pizazz

she gives me shit.

for my graphics, my hair, my slack, my tight
she does the same to rheingold, it's fun to watch.

and talk about no boundaries -
she's up for sexplicit talk at a hat drop,
dr bert called her "chickilicious".

august 16, cold, she borrowed my clothes.


looking at that, diane arbus, she sez.

saucy pikchure by vagabond jim. isn't she cute?
yard dress up pikchures by howard. aren't they weird?

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