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may 28

Svante has helped me type a site of Sweden

thanks, sucker.

now with full colour action fotos!

at swarthmore:
back and dazed from travelling,
only seniors left; more open space between people

saw chandra today,
finally graduating
we observed our furthur wrinkling, both of us, around the eyes,
she's thinking about becoming a performance artist.

april and i have one of our regular fights
she pist at me for priviledge,
talking some and then getting off the phone, brusquely
always about me, keeping the game rules mine
priviledged white male

i get frustrated because i dont know what to do about speaking a lot
i ask people questions, i listen to their answers,
i guess that is controlling
i listen straight out too,

but today, today was carew's birthday,
i called her from the newark airport

had a lot to share with her
she likes saarinen, seemed stimulated by the conference talk

but today was her birthday,
and we didn't talk about her much
her back is getting better,
she will be activating DC for this summer,
no plans for tonight
i suggested writing a poem,
and then i had to catch a plane.

i never even sang for her! and i always do that.

"incredible need to be the center of attention"
"i never understood what the whole justin hall thing was all about."

so here i publish

im friends and boyfriends to stronger personalities perhaps,
i told april that i am curt because she's insecure and that eventually annoys me.

alug. enough of this brooding and i fear consumption by that need in me
but it's so intangible
and i feel ive already moved to address it
im leaving this media worlds for months,
im studying dead people

i think a lot
ive had a headache now for two days straight
too much smoked fish.

got my proust and faulkner paper back,

"what this possesses is charm and generalization. what it lacks is analysis. when you cite, you never probe what you cite. you seem oddly to be writing this for a foreign (postmodern?) audience that has never read either author: this (almost by definition) keeps you from exploring anything in any depth. so that leaves a number of luminous phrases and a sense that you have enjoyed these readings (i hope you have). your presence in the course was more compelling and enabling than this grade indicates.

i feel like i dont have to analyse quotes. participating thought.

i bear a reading public in mind when i write most things.
what's the use of writing about this beautiful stuff if noone can read it?

educating potential in plainspeaking.
so im slaying truth to broader distribution,
this is my destiny shit,
what compells me
so im glad people tell me off

i feel unlikely to stop.
not quite prepared to say that i shouldn't,

talking about destiny or nature makes it okay for me to do hurtful stuff?

i have no way to know anything,
only what evolves under my bellybutton

hunger, lint.

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