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26 may, 1996
checked out real real real late of de hotehl
wandering little five points hip atlanta area


meeting a certain siñ iorita

for a few hours, we blended in so well, we were invited to a party where our extenders did not show so
we unknown arrivals at a party, funny
older people
watching sleeping beauty and a skittish dog
adrianne hostess chat, wil is visibly impatient
cuz she was talking in endless gravel tones
he was gazing at her hearing aid
it's her biz, she supplied an fm transciever to the 2 yrs ago ms. america.

she can sense our youth, sends us to local star bar

I'm press,
what's your name?
justin hall.
sorry, you're not on the guest list.
I wanna come in, take some pictures, write about this in my magazine, if you want to let me in. if you don't, I'll take a hike.

that was fine, but not wil's plastic

you insult me! you insult me with this ID!

we split for our colin connected lodgings
marian doing death penalty work public interest lawyer

most law schoolers smart but not creative
she's subletting from rosa park, a yale grad
decorated the place with yaleobelia

downcast we converse lawyerly, persuant career and ethics, darrow
wilson is pumping a 10 lb free weight into the air in front of him while I'm being polite, engaged
he making noise with whistling and drinking michelob, tossing the cap in the can


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