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26 may, 1996

lil' five points

sinorita I guess if I lived 'ere for some time it wouldn't so exotic appealing
just something different
the haight but not so
perhaps the southern bit would grow more obnoxioius

consistent summer heat = less clothes, more time dazed outside

little five points is a hip atlanta area
strikes me somewhere between mission and haight ashbury that is authent-hip and expensive appealing
but to the non whites sidestreets or shops where DIY owners love their craft and don't work for a chain

first sample baker's cajun carribean foodstyle owners write quaintly on the menu of creamy cheesy egg laden breakfast entrees
wilson realises potatoes are a cheap addition to any breakfast fare
these, thick sliced, don't go so far
I was just glad they used spinach.

followed by sucked up by mother earth, shopping to build necklaces in a earth/african/female conscious store, community center, health food cafe

three coins I spent so long building an i ching coin necklace, wilson got totally tired frustrated and left.

oclala helped me out, wanted to get my help with a web page, but we was too busy mingling, didn't have time.
she offered us a place to sleep,
people watchin' is recovery from shopping standing endless cool stuff but I can't carry any or afford recycled thrift for many dozens of dollars
marketing alterity - I wonder if the merry pranksters knew they'd be a t-shirt or even better, the bloody buddah, thelonious monk or jesus christ?
but this is still better than buckethead

polean there, folks 'll try and redeem you,

in little five points they'll trade poetry for a watch

or market the other -

Junkman's Daughter

an emporium of alterity:

get pierced, buy any manner of archetypal rebellious paraphernalia

don't did that like sam walton on crank or something

they checked IDs of everyone before they'd let you look at pipes

I took this photo, perfect, the guy's face right before he said

don't do that.

we met moebius in the midst of some cafe-side time passing
he introduced us to faces, names, folks in funky atlanta
for a few hours we were a community fixture, the two guys with weird hair
we kicked back in the Five Points Pub, talking to cool drunk people, getting wheat beer inebriated ourselfs I talked for a long long slow paced time with sara psychic
wilson drew lots in my back notebook
I wonder if the red suspendered thin guy in jack books and octoberfest t-shirt, heavy monobrow is a skinhead

weather was nice, outdoor conducive,
rain and sun shining devil's beating his wife - w

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