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25 may, 1996
sunday morning wake up
stayed up real late makin' media
wilson don't drink much red wine really knocked him out
we're both dehydrated.

reason I stayed this long, two:

one, atlanta kinda fell through,

and this saturday is a local gospel festival


home with wil's mom, I check up on atlantean connections, nuthin' doin'
mom gives me a $100 hotel budget so it's on

atlanta arrival wil and I some forty minutes later split for atlanta


on the road through south carolina peach signs but they're not in season but wilson doesn't believe me until we arrive at a fireworks store where faultable toothed folks critiqued my hiar

otherwise it looks much the same
that's the thing about these fuckin' fast food joints they make every skyline look the same

wil sez they're homogenizing home town america
but wouldn't every small town look mostly the same from a highway anyway?

wil I askin' him some probin' questions - family tension defensivness impatient wilson

pretty much a fuck you man lay off response
- too long together without distraction

jimi hendrix blues most of the way in georgia local radio is immediately invigorating, dacing on electric avenue, mister pitiful
there's no southern accents on the radio
we hear of the death of johnny guitar watson

arrive downtown rollin' through cokeville omnipresent cola
deserted downtown
atriumium only the high hotels
how about the marriot? too expensive, I say, at least $180 for a night.


it's on
in the mega-atrium, 47 floors of brazilesque madness future plaza

on the street, picking up our bags, parking our car
a black man in a black open jeep with three women pulls by
justin man hey it's aaron!

aaron beyah oh mah lord.

this guy used to work with my brother at the lincoln park zoo, when colin took off two years, worked saved money for an african voyage
my school was right nearby, I visited often, brought over pornographic software for their office IBM
this is a crazy convergance
but he smells slightly of beer, is carting these three womenfriends around gives me his number

we have to hook up!
no tonight party recommendations, he doesn't go out so much - got a girlfriend

everyone in the hotel recommends buckhead, so there we head

three dollah

at least we emerged on our way to better fun
leaving literal leagues of lightes-neonis
flirty bitches and belligerant boobs

so we drive around the city directions to little five points party place "mjq"

a hiphop hangout

m j q

we went home, I passed out
wilson was acting mischevious all of a sudden three am running from the room in a robe yelling like don pardo.

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