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26 may, 1996


sinorita we went into "Fifi Mahoney's" looking for an afro pick-comb for wilson

found "lucky" working in the back

like a cigarette girl on heroin

thin arrayed like a castanet - toungue pierce

she came from texas with a horse a dog and a cat, the dog killed the cat up in the mountains

anyways, atlanta's cool.
Fifi's is cool
we guys are cool
wiggin', dude she adjusted the top part of her dress to prevent breast exposure;

I made this dress up this morning
I put the sin in siñorita

we got along great,

she was into picture taking, even inside a picture resticted store,
she told us we were cool,
she giggled a lot, invited us to party that evening
and helped wilson try on the cheapest wig in the store.

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