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25 may, 1996

marriot marquis

atrium ium without connection to a place to stay
(got some e-mail said come stay with us in atlanta! with no phone number or address, connection info)
wilson and I ended up at the marriot marquis, downtown.

site of the most immense atrium ever - like a stunning vagina in a phallus

in spite of the lofty ceilings, only an allusion of granduer

it was still a shoebox upstairs and a stupid golfball free gift

25 may arrival:
arrive downtown rollin' through cokeville omnipresent cola
deserted downtown
only the high hotels
how about the marriot? too expensive, I say, at least $180 for a night.

atriumium it's on
in the mega-atrium, 47 floors of brazilesque madness future plaza
strip lit elevators careening at high speeds
I made a literally nauseating request for the topmost floor a room that turns out to be a shoebox in a hotel stockroom with only mostly a pretty decor

and pretty patrons - promtime, this place is packed with limos and luscious teenaged girls, so many tanned backs and their familiars just slightly more akward fellows than wilsonis and I

up close unfortunate long wait for a valeted car, up close these women don't stand to scrutiny, only from afar makeup and sequins make for nice photos

but those we talked to weren't so happy
either ignorant or smoking
often disordered

we inquired the concierge as to a good time, she sent us to bucket head.

not entirely bad, the next one sent us to little five points.

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