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26 may, 1996

eric moebius morlin moebius

or something like that

I run into many weirdos, few look so much like me
long blond hair, glasses, long and lanky

polean anyways, he comes up to me in the midst of little five points

trade you a poem for your watch or some money

I immediately jerked him around, wait, you want give me money to hear my poetry?

no, I said your watch, your money.

this is like his gig, he's like a denizen of this hood, wandering permanently, trading poems for sustenance and getting into trouble
people he meets on the street have mailed him plane tickets to europe and across america, to read his poetry

he just got back from reading at the chemeleon on valencia, in the mission

so I pitched him my road scene

my internet sharing scheme

artsists a pisces he is more protective of his work, he fears theft and appropriation already been burnt
we get to talkin' enough to discover that he's a cynic, mysathrope

though people support his alternative lifestyle!
and people support mine!

some day he'll have a web page,

until then find him wandering lil' five points, drinking maalox, carrying a solid lead weight backpack of books to sell or trade for your watch.
we mentioned siñorita to him,
he disagreed with her, several of the other folks around town
people were staying pleasant greetings to him, but he seemed quite locked into the so-and-so is mad at me stuff of this small community

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