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26 may, 1996
if you stay at a cheesy hotel, the concierge will send you to a cheesy neighborhood

buck head

something like that

three dollah atlanta's answer to rush street in chicago,

where people without clues come to forget...

through worship of lite beer

25 may
everyone in the hotel recommends buckhead, so there we head
should have taken my mishear as "bucket" to be signifyer -
no real better or different than rush street chicago cheesy yuppie bars, cheesy yuppies and burbanities three dollah I think some of the people went to college, some of them will run this country

didn't leave the car with my camera, but I got a shot of the "three dollar restaurant" obviously not that cheap except the neon, and if you can see it - the lite beer worship sign brightest false idol on the strip
I brought it up with the jesus shouter pacing along next to us
repent ye sinners, etc. etc. young guy, had a lot of agression

damn us, wilson n' me, we started to arguin' with heum
he didn't stop talkin' loud lord jesus christ at us for blohuks.
he din't care none 'bout no miller lite false idols or our informed biblical allusions
didn't even care that we wuz hungry
somethin' 'bout the lord bein' all we need

I din't mention wanting to have sehux with chrahst

snake eye snake eye

he left us alone for more lofty pursuits, the chance to raise his voice at car passers by

wilson had mentioned eating locusts and honey
a far softer spoken jeezite approached with questions and passivity
followed us back into the heart of stupid sin

jeff, from georgia tech
waited through our checked sinicism until launching his own conversion narrative
wilson sed he smelled funny, like forty days in the showerless forest
we wuz glad to leave him for some physical food

what did we expect in the heart of the cheeze? $42 worth of tapas and sangria, cheesy semi-stoner woman asking for papers, a server who made a chicago connection and a better bar recommendation but couldn't sustain any meaningful
working in hell scorches your butt

next door a nightclub guitar act playing an eighties medley

at least we emerged on our way to better fun

leaving literal leagues of lightes-neonis
flirty bitches and belligerant boobs

so we drive around the city directions to little five points party place "mjq"

a hiphop hangout

m j q

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