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13 may, 1996
too many all day mired bathed not eat little
greasy hair no underwear
paper's real late but I just don't care

pushing myself into academic unhealth extreme immersion

writing web page papers
found some cool links,

havin' trouble limiting my scope.

visitin' becky workin' on her college students and porn/sex trade thesis
strewn hustler issue
two big lipped black guys on a grimy street cartoon
walls lined with varying ladies
"Ever since the Million Man March, I've had a stronger sense of purpose. From now on, I'm only going to pimp the finest 'hos!"
there's more, for sure,

hustler's different from playboy

more honest, ugly.

procrastinate by packing
five piles of stuff - summer trippin' south
package meets me in san fran with clothes for north
stuff to stay at swarthmore
stuff to archive home
stuff for my next semester off
carew inspired list of learning - what books should I self-study?

yonnie speaking of, we met amongst the marxist sex fiends and deepest deniers
balky and yonnie both on soon swarthmore departed
yonnie's going to be one hell of an allnighter, trying for 9 credits in this one semester
jah be praised, withhim, upon us
balk is just ready for france

carew carew we met amongst and wandered to the new building
sat in an empty classroom caucusing over never reheated relationship leftovers lack of communicae she felt was my part accusatory brought forth by a now notorious bad mouth I for cult figure status - courting and exploiting weirdos and personal gain sadness augmented her fears and two hours talk down from hostile contentious
maybe we're always like that

dave weksler called me today
I was way burnt from too little sleep
but I did hear about the us tech corps -
he suggests at least checking out the roving CyberEd

more folks trying to wire the world

I hope they're not out to make consumers, but producers.

carew and I return to my room
ordered some cheesefood

bold ben, my lovin' roomie. ben's anagramming swarthmore college
we're the moral clogs
hot, close: legwarmer
smart hollow greece

: carew

wack rafter
after wackr

heather schwartz

wrtz has the reach

ben's computer is the moshing cat
robin's the mo shit can

: mariah peelle

ie a real hemp
I'm real hapee

I remember rumi
carew recommends book size of the world
justin, you gotta fuckin read this book, crazy travelin internet shit
don't beat yourself up--
have a cup o tea!!!!
she sez zaftig might be a better descriptor de denise than sexy

today ordered a road-bound digital camera
paid for by my primary patron

today denise and carew both myleave anxious and feeling dropped

like I mow through friends
I showed carew womant, that's about the size of it.

downcast people ask me, who are your real friends?

man, folks have a hard time with my detachment moveon level seemingly unaffected it's a mutherfuckin' theme.

I dug through some older stories as well, to see if they'd some light some slight mysogeny, some pleasantry, some boredom

I opened up on a fresh page to achieve mo' bility.
for carew I sang some, twitch words like speaking in tongues never emit a phull frase
this is how I've found my singing screaming voice
too much gospel, can't go long without talkin' 'bout my lord.

damn, why is it thirty five degrees here?

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