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14 may, 1996
woken by a swat alum looking for a link

for my semester off
colin thinks I should write in the unabomber's cabin
seriously think this is the hottest fuckin' idea

quantum picnic
conversation don't often go electric as expected but builds charge
as host cook chef can't quite conduct

greg ingber stops by late
something zappa esque about him.
the catholic church has the largest collection of porn in the world
they keed a copy of everything they ban.
we're trying to imagine the pope's bathroom

rare chatting on spacebar, invited by sonic

megg mass old friend
her "snatch" in body modification e-zine
so I'm not the only swattie with my genitals on the net
she does tattoo, pierce work,
knows a guy who got bolts implanted along his middle skull
so he can screw on different attachements
(spikes, balls, etc.
fuckin' cybernetics

rya risin' mariah calls rare unusal
palpable duress - she's stressed physically unwelll
this I find out after she wants to talk about our relationship why this and why not that and anymore and what happened and feelings and great,
you're stressed out, and my guess, looking for something to be upset about. we haven't talked in weeks, why tonight for relationship rehash? let's talk about other things - summer plans, rocks, parents

I think I've found my voice,
ben sez sounds like a drunk person trying to take a shit

too much cheese, too little sleep.

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