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19 april, 1996
"dash for cash" tradition
streak the admin halls of swarthmore
grab thrown dollars for the women's rugby team.

brown bagged heads
a cry went up, we dashed out the prep room
typical males crowd the door first
I waited to be last,

behind the women

one, strong she,
in bra and panties afterwards counting cash

what's it for?
computer age conversation
after I switch in front of them for an amtrack power outlet
don and roberta miller from virginia
you going to play a game with that thing?
you're writing a paper on what?

uses of technology in shamanic healing

I hoisted michael taussig's mimesis and alterity,

didn't clear things up much.

horus what's your spiritual background?

ollie and me I opened up my genesis and enthusiasm

let slip ollie north drugs and deception
you could pay for that.

I was glib, but rollon ceased
don deflected all return questions,
why you go get your pinky's busy workin
i'm sure your readers are waiting for you to enlighten them

new yorked
with colin brother
nick z a financial friend
kim kamin, I've known from chicago/parker
and her married leo lawyer friend karen
we're to echo bbs's sixth anniversary party

I sighted immediately will kreth

my bridge justify for coming up
see I worked with him at wired
seeing his name on the guest list was a nice incentive
someone new at his side
blonde tracy
someone who doesn't spend time on the web
the last woman I met seemed like she was going to marry him
that will.
an unlikely stud
he handed me a beer unrequested

jc herz,
labelled me pt barnum and johnny appleseed in rolling stone
became a three way party talk
we're treated to her trips pending travels abroad
speaking she all over
consulate of finland invite
big whup

feed wandering through I discover stephanie

see those nametags,
I didn't have one but my hair suit stood up for me
she surfed my site in the WSJ many months ago
her and partner steve run feed
she introduced me to someone else
as "the first person to get famous on the web"
we took stuffy crowded conversation outside
outside the knitting factory
he was tired, his back screwed up
I tried a few semi-athletic means of stretching him out
he made dour humour and took his bad mood home

steph an I chatted on
obsession, self esteem, anti-depressants, eating disorders

being the over-thoughtful in a relationship
linger long leaning against a wall
I was wearing my good looking shoes not so feet friendly
jc (libra) joined again
she was on cnn last week talking about the unabomber
because she wrote a net surfing narrative novel?
a friend of colin's jeff drifts by,
I introduce them and stephanie and I chat on

upstairs, marisa(libra) wearing a don't ask me for shit hat

her and steven (cap) are both wearing bike bags
she's 37, an agist - what are you, 22? still 21?
she declares me cute and jaded.
a little offputting, define tude
she's dry dry dry
I suggest a dinner for all of us

we are to teddy's arty soho kitsch rendered collage

new york like LA like no place on earth

table split bankers friends one end,
wordfeeders other

extreme sports
female rock and rollers
why this level of screenching self-exposure
wired as digital culture cocaine
editors roadtrip to swat to pick up interns

burnt out week workers
party ends at one
sidewalk talk long linger
stephanie (leo) and I head for home

soho runin - jared sandberg
second WSJ writeup responsible
I skewered him for poor quote choice
he did not want to be photgraphed

I am sick, tired
stephanie, toying with her hair, invites me to future beer times

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