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Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North

Marine, turned Senatorial Candidate

Never actually imprisoned for lying to congress.
This page was started after I realized the dream of sharing my fascination with and collection of Oliver North-related materials. He is a real American hero, who in spite of his brazen disregard for the laws and democratic processes of this country, continues to enjoy the respect, and even admiration, of legions of patriotic souls.

Me and Ollie North:

Ollie and Me
(I'm the dude on the left, standing behind Ollie and his crew)

Then Senatorial-Candidate Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North and I when he came to speak at the University of Delaware in October 1993. It was an earnest but unremarkable speech, punctuated by frequent references to conservative rallying points which ignited in the audience a clapping, whooping, up on their feet stomping frenzy.

Ollie signed Dugout
Ollie signed Dugout
After I saw him speak, I approached the stage with my Dugout, a piece of marijuana paraphernalia. I was second in the signing line, Dugout and permanent marker in hand. When I strode up, and presented these to him, he asked, "You want me to sign this?" I nodded, "I made it for my grandfather in woodshop, and he'd get a big kick out of it if you would sign it." He replied with a smile, "Why sure son." He signed it with a flourish and looked on to the next eager Ollie fan.

People I told afterwards can't believe that he really signed such a thing. Plus, since it is scanned, I could have faked the signature - laid it on or something. So, I called the Oliver North Campaign headquarters in Virginia, during his senate campaign of '94, and told them I had donated some money, and I wanted my signed picture of Ollie. They sent me this photograph, which offers a slightly different but essentially indentical signature (with a personal greeting).

To Justin with all the very best.

Links (June 2004):

Oliver North has his own page! Selling tapes and books, his recounting of adventures in patriotism. For example, he posts an email about his forecasting the threat of Osama bin Laden, which is refuted by

Here's the text of the Final Report of the Independent Counsel for Iran/Contra Matters, AKA the Walsh Report. It includes one section devoted to United States v. Oliver L. North:

Oliver L. North, a Marine lieutenant colonel assigned to the National Security Council staff beginning in 1981 until he was fired on November 25, 1986, was the White House official most directly involved in secretly aiding the contras, selling arms to Iran, and diverting Iran arms sales proceeds to the contras.

An independent collection of Documents related to the Iran/contra affair, including the John Kerry comission findings on the involvement of Contras in drug smuggling. This collection of declassified material at the National Security Archive addresses those claims with firsthand materials from Oliver North.

Oliver North in the Wikipedia.

Time Magazine Archive of Ollie North Articles.

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