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Seeking: Sustained experiences with intense people, possible intimacy with an open mind for unusual relationships and creative partnerships.

Jane (April 2002 - June 2003)
Years of travelling, talking, writing loving with an fashion-obsessed cross-cultural intellect who spoke more language than me (unless you count tongues). A woman with a weblog, she had her own web voice that initially drew me in, and later kept me reading. She tried to teach me manners. She started a web site about video games that hosted much of my writing as well. Her passion for electronic entertainment fueled many conversations.

Amy (November 1996 - October 2000)
Four years dating and living with a practicing artist and college student. Maintained one and a half years of long distance relationship, followed by two and a half years of domestic living together in Oakland. Collaborations including a short film, parties, poems, hair styling, interior design, raising a very malcontented cat. Experienced growing apart due to changing priorities and personalities.

Chandra (April 1994 - April 1995)
One year of managing two intense personalities between college (east coast) and San Francisco. Learned to talk astrology, give up writing poems for spoken words, and appreciate cooking. Weeks of amicably living with her mother, then sharing apartments and studios in San Francisco.

Various Romantic Partners (Spring 1992 - Present)
Experience with a number of women and one man learning about physical pleasure and emotional stimulation. Penetrative sex with a total of twenty-six people, ranging in age from sixteen to thirty-eight. Fifteen of these exchanges were one-evening insertions.


Joan Hall (1974 - Present)
Son of a strong, independent woman with expansive tastes for career, travel and men with large personalities. Experienced three of her relationships as a live-in child: one relationship involved substance abuse and ended poorly, the second relationship involved mismatched expectations, and the final relationship is a model for long term devotion and companionship. Delegation of child-rearing duties lead to early feelings of abandonment; priviledges extended by career and financial success lead to broadened horizons.

Warren and Delia McClurg (1930 - 1999)
Grandson to two people married for sixty-nine years. Each had a career, each maintained hobbies and friendships outside the marriage; both raised three happy children together.

Mills College (1996 - 1998)
Dated a woman who attended an all-girls school. Much time spent listening to women talk about their lives and their relationships. Experienced much lesbian art.

Therapy (1983 - 1992)
Extensive personality molding with three older men. Final therapist helped me learn to love hugging.

Astrology (1994 - Present)
Learned to speak a spritual/mathematical language of personality analysis.

Interests & Attributes

Have read many books by both men and women offering insights into human beings and human relationships.

Actively practicing the ability to provide nourishment and good feelings through food.

Poems, short stories, erotica, a song and a fairy tale.

A deep and abiding passion for discussion and debate. Often without taking the outcome or results too seriously, but often with much persistence.

Media Consumption and Production
Large appetite for movies, magazines, music, news, novels, history, software and web sites. Large urge to take notes, write and publish reflections, recontextualizing experience for personal understanding. A growing appreciation for the feelings of romantic partners who may not enjoy being written about.

Thorough hankering for poking fun and making remarks that may be perceived as funny upon reflection.

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