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I like that - poet-try. I'm a real young poet, and these are my young, explicitly poetic ramblings.

poetry is sitting down and taking some pictures out of your mind, taking stock in the moment and recording it. i used to do more on the spot reporting through poetry; long explorations of nights on the town without regular sentence structure. i'll warn you before you click on any of that below:

some juicy ones written about
dad | chandra
also, most of my daze are pretty poetical.
maybe some graces might stroke you too.

white guy 2/11/98
reading over old works made me realize that i'm turning into a white guy!
passion eggerpts 7/11/98
another night of wavering faith in my long distance loving results in a rather forceful affirmation of love!
long jump lovers 4/15/97
difficulties with amy and geography. darn it!
in sickness 2/27/97
weaved in many different voices from other poems or other people here. it's confusing! it's intense!
moment 8/12/96
sacred? sex moments before the goo. appeared in sauce*box!
christmas moment 12/25/95
family animation - lots of inside jokes. or maybe your family is like mine! i like mine.
curious doctor cheeze 12/3/95
For my friend Jonathan's thirtieth birthday.
ryku 11/95
haikus about Rya
physaffection 10/29/95
between me and M-rya.
annette 7/95
I met Annette in mid-July, by the end of our first date, I'd written two poems. we didn't have too many other dates. was i this long winded in person?
reunion 7/95
Reunited with Jorge, oh joy, oh bliss, oh rapture.
modern daze: vestiges of a summer solstice 6/22/95
wandering SanFran for summer celebration. wandering all over the page for celebration of my perspective. join in, i dare you. one of the long ones. but what a rare night it was!
corazon del barrio 6/7/95
carousing with a barracho bastard poet - "brazen, like your fat latin penis."
haiku page
cheap sushi haitwo 11/24/95 back for more.
sushi haiku 3/10/95 Cheap sushi, baby.
popper haiku (60k aiff) 1/30/95 - A tribute to my popcorn popper.
Questions 1/15/95
Coming down off an acid trip, exploring the angst of trying to capture the moment. this is what it's like to study too hard!
mission 1/9/95
About my favourite neighborhood in San Francisco, back when i used to do drugs with homeless people.
sharing 12/6/94
My friend GK said this poem has "interesting rhythms." It was written after a friend of mine April gave me a lot of shit for the way I handle myself in friendships.
Truth 11/10/94
Thoughts on truth and human relationships, from back when i considered myself worthy of directly addressing such issues.
Borland 8/29/94
Poem written to commemorate the death of my step-brother in-law (we were pretty close, actually), due to a heroin overdose. Experimenting with form, rhyme and meter, bear with me here.
eating disorder
attempt at compassion.
ate 5/13/94
trying to understand bulemic consciousness.
On 55 years 4/13/94
Poem written for my Mom on her 55th birthday, explicating the aging and rise to power of an extraordinary woman.
friendship 3/27/94
Extended musings on friendship after some unsatisfying relationships. First poem I mention my brother, I think. Still like that last image.
i contact 3/94
Musings concerning eye contact on a subway


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