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Survey of Sexuality on the Sprawl

The highbrow - not so many hot pixel clusters, but enlightenment - who is having sex online and what is being written about it? [These links are sadly dated. Try 1996! Hah. Some still work. Some real gems.]

The voice of reason speaks, it is Jon Carroll. In his June 29, 1995 column, I've Met the Enemy; I Have Bad News, he preaches gospel on online porn.

Those funky folks at New York's hip happenin' BBS-gone-web SonicNet have a Red Hot and Bothered Indie Rock Guide to Dating. Behind the front end imagemap are some touching testimonies, under the sex roundtable discussion (once you get past some of the New York self-stroking), and a guide to blowjob procurement, for both sexes. We all need a little more oral sex...
  • Get the lowdown on sexual stimulants - my drugz page has a sex drugs and aphrodisiacs survey - I'm the guinea pig!
  • Some raunchy fiction - really raunchy. These guys are prurient at heart: the Garrett County Journal
  • In case you thought only straight white guys are getting off online - check out FaT GiRL "the zine for fat dykes and the women who want them." Three issues are featured here, little more than the table of contents. From the early issues, only a comic and a list of diet industry contacts for flaming, of course. Otherwise, they have links to FAQs, fat sites, and lists of local and national fat/lesbian action/zines, what have you. I used their title bar trick for a few days, it's a pain on the reload. They seem to be updating their site, so check here for the latest in large lesbians. (7/11/95)
  • only on the net: equal time for pedophelia
    The other side of the coin was downed due to popularity. The PedoSexual Resources Directory attempted a positive casting of pedophelia. They must have struck a chord, 400,000 hits in a month brought them down. Check out my Shuttered Sites section. The painful underbelly of sexuality is revealed in the No More Victims archive site. NMV is a moderated mailing list that encourages anonymous discussion by perpetrators and potential perpetrators of pedophelia. I was really blown away by a poem by a sexually abusive father in the first back issue. Reading these archives is quite an experience. While the bile in your mouth might rise reading about abusers, you'll quickly notice that they were often abused themselves. This page is committed to breaking that cycle. If you are doing research on abuse, you might find their page of links useful. Otherwise, tap in for a powerful, and productive use of the net to tackle an often insurmountable issue.(3/95)
    For a high-brow sexy sensibility: Libido. I wrote about them, back in July of 1995, for having good brief articles on twentieth century sexual weirdness. Now they've shifted servers, and solicited a raft of advertisers. The content has yet to match the amount of space sold - they're having contests, in fiction and photo, to solicit stuff from readers. the advertisements seem to be some stuff on the same server; front for their own businesses? This is the web site of a print mag - I guess the good stuff is there. (4/14/96)
    Sexual hipsters - Urban Desires features sexy materials with a polished grit sensibility. Covering books and food and music, in addition to modern sexual method. I liked Confessions of a Sexy Sloth, preaching individual indulgence, and they covered some other freak named Justin. (4/3/96) [an error occurred while processing this directive]
  • Real live sex! I can vouch for it - check Chandra and BCG and STD.
  • How pure are you? There's a 100 Question Purity Test for Non-Virgins to satisfy your urge for introsextion. Run the sexual gamut by checking boxes to answer yes to questions like "have you ever used another kind of inanimate object for penetration (cucumber, beer bottle, anything)?" or "have you ever had sex outdoors in direct, unshadowed sunlight?" or "have you ever fondled a pre-pubescent when you were post-pubescent?" Send in your answers to recieve a percentage evaluation of your sexual purity. I turned out 61% sex100 pure - or better yet, 39% sex100 corrupt.(down six points in the last few months!). See if you can beat me! I've got a woody
    I've got a woody
    by Chandra
    biancaThau Whee-Hah! You haven't experienced the wild and sticky web until you've tried the Communal Stall (formerly the Real-Time Masturbation Forum) by Smut Shack creators biancaTroll Productions. Using a forms browser, you can post masturbatory missives to a page that accumulates them over the space of an hour. As fast as people can type in new messages, and you can reload the page, you can experience near-real-time virtual masturbation sessions.
    This originated as a forum for discussion of auto-erotica, and some innovative surfers turned it real-time. The traffic got so high, they archive the forum every hour. This is excerpted from e-mail to me from Dave Thau, a core shack-head:
    Yes, we've been turned into a free 1-900-jack-off sex line by our ever resourceful shack-hacks! On Thursday, someone got the bright idea to use the masturbation feedback form as a chat line. All these people logged on and must have given themselves severe carpal tunnel hitting reload because we got over 1000 posts in one day to that one page. That's posts -- who knows how many voyeurs there were hitting ctrl-R over and over waiting for someone to post the next torid line. We had to split the whole thing off into its own section because people who weren't in "chat" mode were getting their long, artful posts wiped off the board in seconds. Silliness! The best thing of all was that there is an incredibly strong correlation between people who said they are uh.. participating, and the number of typos in their messages. These folks have the art of keyboard panting down cold! Uh, hot! Uh... nevermind.
    brainstormer Noted Futurist Howard Rheingold has written an article Why Censoring Cyberspace is Dangerous & Futile. He explains briefly why censorship online is impossible. But rather than just popping off, he provides some well-reasoned thoughts on how to help kids understand uncensored content, with an anecdote from his own experience. The crux of his argument comes down to this final quote: "how do we teach our children to live in an uncensorable world?" Howard is asking the right questions here.
  • Hundreds of synonyms for condom are available in the Sheath File. My favourites: dong sarong, crank tank, hog holster, insecurity blanket, jissim prison, Brooke Shields, manhole cover, and trouser trout salad sandwich. Hundreds more! Three columns worth! And, they have added a sheath file FAQ, for info on adding your own. (4/3/95)
  • Sexual Dispatch! Freedom on the wane! Carnegie Mellon University moves to ban erotic newsgroups! Information on this case and others is available on my Legal Beat page.

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