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I've never met bianca, she almost came to a party I threw in Chicago.


Preserving spontinaiety is this digitally directed and dichotomized web of ours: biancaTroll productions is must-see web site, unquestionably one of the net's best. Dave Thau and friends have weaved a wicked webfull of interactive endeavors spawning page after page of truly random strangeness. From add a movie review to the real-time masturbation forum, they've opened their pages to the web. From the first page, witness their DIY philosophy, down home friendly positive encouragement to make and share.
This has all paid off - biancaTroll is one of the most highly respected sites on the web. As they've grown, finding someone to support them has required some hopping about. They started from, to, currently at HotWired.
They do serve fixin's of the funky: graphic descriptions of Daily Dumps, as well as the masturbation stuff. It's what gets them more traffic than their hosts - last I heard, over 800k hits a day.
How I answered their survey:

13. How do you feel about advertisements on the web?

Like advertisements in the world at large, 
they are visual pollution, largely - 
tryin' to sell me immediate gratification, 
engaged in testosterone driven, mammon 
worshippin' fosterment of desire.

In short, advertisin' ain't very spiritual.
It ain't about people talkin' to people,
like bianca is.  I like you guys, I'd rather 
send you my money straight than look at 
someone who thinks they can distract me 
from your content over to theirs, to make 
some money offa me.

I come to your site for people talkin' to 
people for people reasons.  Not to be sold 
stuff, or gauged as a eyeball of wealthworth.

But I love bianca too, so I forgive her worldliness.
I just hope she aspires to a model of 
commerce and support more enlightened
than prodigy.
14. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about bianca's specifically or about the Web in general?
you guys are a leader, a symbol, trailblazin'
web publishing studs.

if you throw your lot in with advertising,
you are sending a strong signal.  be sure 
there are no other options.

people love you!  try tappin' that love from 
the source, instead of relyin' on the 
money slingers.

how do you think NPR and Public TV make it?

At least give it a whirl - imagine if it 
worked.  You wouldn't have to deal with 
tassled loafers.  You wouldn't be another 
advertising age statistic.

your base of support would be far wider -
no one person responsible for $10k a month 
of biancontrol - but 10k people.

your readers would feel an integral part 
of the process - like ecology and shit.

who would you rather answer to?
madison avenue or your readers?

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