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Surreptitiously Sexual Supermodels

Virtual Helens of Troy
faces that launch a thousand clicks.

Porn Star
Porn Star - October 1994
photo: Jonathan Steuer
makeup: Lisa Seaman
Again, the web like life - fascination with supermodels, pages of pinups. I guess lonely men seeking the classic Babe.

Most of these sites are characterized by a decidedly materialistic brand of sexuality - presenting enough to make you want more and not giving it to you.

As for these women, many of them are truly stunning. Beyond reality! Many are eating disordered.

This is what folks are allowed to want, because it enforces age-old power dynamics

- enjoy!

Many of these sites end up in my shuttered sites section.

Proving that Supermodels are the international language Mapis Supermodels. It's in German, but you don't care. (4/15/96)

Semi-Automatic Morph Between Two Supermodels has one of the most sublime 20K files I've seen online. Download the mpeg movie, and watch Cindy and Claudia complement each other nicely. Brilliant, illuminating work. (4/16/96)

These pretty girls, would we rather they end up here, prostrate, throbbing love katz we can wrap around our video meat? (4/16/96)
Much is involved in the subtle art of crafting a supermodel makeover, gotta work for that natural look. (4/15/96)
Also check outpeople trying to hack it, without photos.What does it take to become a supermodel? How many dominoes pizza ads will she do to get there?

Then, after literally busting your ass to get to supermodel status, people will make fun of you. presents many of these ladies on their own terms - news tips, political pursuits, a few of them boast their own home pages.

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