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hey, I know it's a lot of text.
but motherfucker appears in the second sentence and is the last word.
I had a good day, and I wanted to share it with you in this entireity.

thanks for your bandwidth.

sept 19

if miles davis would have stood in my flip flops today, he would have said
damn, this day was a muthafuckah!

today was indeed a motherfucker.

I was woken in the office here
I sleep at electric minds
these days

two minutes before netscape arrives
I'm gestured to remove the fraternal look to my cubicle
stuff the sheets and blankets

netscape is on hand to do a technology evangel
to show off, to excite to promote to enlist
they show us the cool tricks early, we do their stuff, they highlight us on their page that gets 100 million hits a day


some of the stuff was so cool, or made to seem cooler,
by our organization agreeing to a non-disclosure agreement
I took notes the whole time,
and most of this stuff will be dated by christmas
I want to give you a sense of the gut churning technology displayed

without betraying a very nice young man benjamin
who had met my pages before

tend toward objects continues
breaking everything up into applets, little programs that do everything
you download pieces in the background
while you're looking at my pages, you're downloading the graphics or fonts or music for other possible selections
everything is customizable, modular
who cares what operating system you use?

visions of feudal information states -
intranets licensing and caching selected net pieces
and I wonder,
if there are indeed millions of surfers who never leave their company network
moreso in the future (especially if we look at china co., singapore co.)
who looks at justin's living links?
or any others?
I'll either have to piggyback howard's world wide electric mind jam
strip the sex and provide useful information
or resign myself to the fringes of information space


this is pure techno wank:
at netscape, they have 99 challenge servers coordinated by a sparc 1000
the company has grown from 200 to 1600 since december

they still have friday corporate beer bashes
we might care to sponsor one -
beer for several hundred
expected "sierra nevada quality and up"

how can you work in technology when it's so tempermental?
benjamin@netscape sez
it's a bit like riding a bike on a 747
if you just close your eyes and keep pedaling, you're alright,
if you look down,

and then there's conspiracy theory afterwords
our heads spinning, at lunch

microsoft invests in apple through circuitous routes to keep the loyal opposition afloat
because if apple goes under,
microsoft is the primary consumer operating system provider and the DOJ jumps on their ass
unless component based java becomes the hot shit system architecture
and it doesn't matter what operating system you have, you're always downloading new pieces of it into your watch your tv your laptop
it's like "scalable" -
little programs that can be run on anything, interlinking
how computing resources and program resources are distributed and allocated determined by servers and client need, but seamless
and then we start talking about skull implants and the rest of it

jim asks
who knows about all this?
I know,
philip k dick, and he's dead.

meanwhile, back at the office,
abbe's come up with a new word for working with the suit side of things -
"dealing with the weasel."

in the afternoon, I file a full report on my missing automoted
and since I am to attend a fancy dinner in the evening,
I go to my haberdasher for an update
all my clothes be in my trunk

well, some shopping expeditions have purposes,
this one, saint vincent de paul was holding a thick army style jacket for me.

and $27 worth of few rayony shirts, pants socks and shoes

and then with abbe driven to howard's
people on cellular phones driving really epitomize this modern age
five japanese men and one japanese woman were in the clubhouse recieving a tour of electric minds
we did a ritual exchange of business cards,
given the number of permutations, it had a driven method to it
the folks didn't seem to speaka too much english,
and konnichawa is about as far as I get

in fact, at dinner's oblong table,

at the lark creek inn
I was at the end with the toyota executives and a professor cum goverment telecom minister who didn't seem to speak english at all
while howard and abbe enjoyed the virtual community centered conversation of izumi and a venture capital cohort at the other

well, I drank heartily,
after two glasses of chardonnay,
things opened pretty immediately

the woman on hand, kazuko spoke some english
worked at a company, then a university
reported many japanese women in corporate structure

she ended up mostly translating, we spoke through her, us men

I found out toyota isn't just a car maker in japan,
they make housing projects and highways and satellites and media and all sorts of shit.

competing with matsuishda
the prof has been to paris more than 30 times,
quite a wine connosseur

I was asked what I thought of japanese content
it seemed to me the modern stuff was "precision imitation"

takashi corrected me, simplicity, the essence of a thing
dou - king's road is sophisticated, simple, love.


then I learned the japanese word for "cheers"

in china, they say
which means "bottoms up"
in japanese, you say
an uncouth thing to say,

so I taught them the word


this was a source for much hilarity
some chugging
we discovered that japanese students gather and chant

iki! iki! iki! iki!
as our students gather and chant
chug! chug! chug!

we were laughing and bonding
the other end of the table was wondering what was happening

they all wrote down the word chug, as something to remember

we didn't talk much about business

takashi discussed meeting his wife, "a beautiful angel,"

25 years earlier this coming month
their first kiss
and he explained, with much wine-infused mirth, the progression of increasingly expensive anniversary gifts

I spoke some of my web site
telling them
I write about my life
I have self-naked pictures up there
I write every day

and that "fresh is important for web sites

fresh, every day.

takashi thought I said
"flesh is important for web sites, flesh every day

a different daily pose?

that really busted some guts

afterwards, howard grabbed my ear mockingly and pulled on me

"you're incorrigable young man."

abbe dropped me off at the cyborganic new space
I just god damn love those people
and now it's a real collision of scenes -
ben and dom from swarthmore
seth from mypage correspondence and san diego stayed on my summer trip
jonathan and caleb and taara from hotwired
abbe and vagabond from electric minds
steve cyborganic neighbor

as maren said, it's like conversation appetizer buffet
you really don't get down to a meal until the end

when you're so tired you can't move so often
I tend to move a lot
I feel trapped easily, get restless
when there's so much potential stimulation

I rilly like hooking people up
watching unmet folks chemistrate

like my non-san francisco friends take root and role in this community

and caleb being spanked ain't bad television either.


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