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sept 20

when you're using the toilet, let that be the most important thing in your life.
- thich

hardwood floors and a matress
spacebar with sarah and elly

I have a room of my own
I sit and stand in various places in it
I type words into my computer, into my "buk" file
I exercise
I type some more
I put off food
I'm up to 26oo words.

trying to save my wrists

I think as I'm writing this, gosh, only young people might actually want to read this - the adults I think of might only find this amusing, probably indulgent and definitely useless
but folks who are like I am early on the path
and then I remember reading about victorian era young person's mental health magazines

wandering lower haight
I met wayne, in a skullcap with lester

tonight, I added 900 more words.
soy milk in my fridge, feels like home.
sleep in my clothes, no socks - my feets is cold

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