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sept 18

I can't remember leaving the office
or arriving
I mean,
I've been here for many hours

I took a break to go look at an apartment
and to go to the police station
to report my car stolen

well, see, since my trip, I've been travelling light

so when I'd seen no trace of my 'mobile, huh
I went to city tow, I called all over
no license plate o' mine,

trei roadin'
trei. just in roadin'
justin, enit-bound.
no car with "" spelled out stickers in the back window

my ma paid for me rented a car, make my way around this city
attend appointments in disparate suburbs to deal with my wrists
since I stopped staying at rheingold's
I kept most shit in the trunk

so now I have a pair of flip flops
my army pants purchased in tucson
a washed silk t-shirt with growing holes
and a nice warm sweater

my computer and digital camera are near

but I lost a painting I made I liked
and a few rolls of shot film (with the print-taking camera)
some books
my sarong
my fancy duds
four shoes (two pair)

blah blah

I still have my sleeping equipment
so all the essentials

and a short place to live in this heated housing market

10$ a day, a cheap clearing in clutter.
I cancelled dinner plans
and took a nap

then I feel better
tried to even draw some broad lessons from the experience

walk more
reminds me of the time I lost my wallet, soon after I started this

either I'm a flake or something's interceeding

and then computer games, like televegetation
I shut my brain down for a while
a 19 year old libra I met at a porno for pyros concert
she likes to do speed now and then
that doesn't explain all of the bubbles
she doesn't have a plan, wanted someone to talk to
she enjoyed my story.

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