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sept 5

people are just amazing
I mean I start selling ads
cuz somehow the summer wonder tour done seem to deflate donations

but what do I arrive at thursday night dinner
there's $210 in my mailbox,
two donations

one unidentified capricorn sent a check for $200
and mebbe a more margin living husband and wife a ten dollar bill

(dumpsterpiece theatre t-shirt profits)

and all of a sudden I wonder this
as two friends commented
"you're a pheonomenon
and I had nothing to say in response
except something dumb -
"no, I'm a government agent"

but really, I (am?) become deserving of these folkses hard earned dollars
they chose of course
and I asked
but after selling space, for adversitizing, it seems funny to have folks just give again

to actually recieve when so many need
I would send the money on to charity
but I asked for the money for reasons
I lay it all out here and hope I'm deserving

but if anyone is deserving anything
it's a million other people
who don't have the time or the luxury or the confidence to speak of themselves this widely or webbedly
so here goes this
idea I got from phil agre
benefit of living with howard, two eggs for breakfast with genuine solid smart people
with intense mailing lists

(I don't subscribe to many, but I subscribe to the red rock eater)

so along those lines,

where do you sit?

where do you sit when you read these pages? where do you sit when you write your e-mail?
what chair, room, house, town, city, state, country or planet?

send me your scenes, and I'll string them together
attach an e-mail and/or URL and I'll paste it up along with it
if you so care

thanks for your bandwidth.

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