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sept 6,

dinner with rheingold

the npr and the smart venture capitalist today mentioned
internet winter coming
shake down shake out strangulation and coagulation

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E-1: N-P-R's Dan Charles reports on two early networks, the railway and the 
telegraph, and the similarities they share with the latest network, the 
Internet. (7:00)
these techno networks start off liberating, utopian,
they end up in the hands of a few domineering ruthless self-interested moguls.

fewer ad dollars,
fewer content providers

so if you put together tci, surfwatch and at&t
what kind of internet would that be?

every once in a while I turn to my electric minds cohorts, and wonder
do we have to be doing this on a computer?

not at all, sez howard, get drawing.

so maybe it's the print publishing biz
I know I have a book in me
fond memories of reworking texts with jeeks,
and as we discuss our old friends, our future plans,
we're talking about who we are

I think -
I helped him publish the high school literary magazine
cuz it was fun, cuz I knew computers, cuz my words were at stake
he naturally gravitates to publishing peoples.
and I believe in him

so now, with my career on go
headed for teaching moving speaking making helping
I'm not into ISBN research
what do I have to offer an enterprise?

online marketing?

I'm friday listless -

there was this young woman who worked at joe's taco lounge in mill valley, the friday night shift. I used to go and eat mediocre mexican food and exchange rapid cynicisms with her. on a hunch, I called the restaurant tonight and she doesn't work there any more. I don't even know her last name.

I got on spacebar and looked for action
my hands hurt.

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