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sept 4

mebbe it's in my lawyer family born nature
I argued with howard tonight
or mebbe it's my distaste for louis memories
he didn't want links coming out of hotwired articles because then readers weren't on yer site anymore!

anyways, I provided this mediary to the task at hand
I'm reading howard's book the virtual community
it's actually good reading -
educational for this (21) old hand
nice history of the computer mediated communitcations
and a thorough study of the potential and pitfalls
(he does sober up - read the last chapter)

it reminded me in a way of walking on the mountain with him - the stories about people I've heard of and the cultural context and references
alongside, I can ask him, "what was The Farm?"
and so I put myself in the place of a 16 year old from nowhere who's never heard of any of this sixties shit or computer history of whatever
but can surf links like the next gal
so provide them the opportunity to understand "lsd revolution" or "essalen"
or even "at&T"
so what do you link to for at&t?
if they don't have their own,
let's write a brief history of their enterprise
howard's recollection and view of each of the linkettes
interlinks - before we spin you off into "you will" land,
here's who they are, or why they're important

so does this book, and all the links in howard's cranium become a text book.

a ha

like I've done for my life
this is like a text book for my life.
now that has negative connotations
but I've found when I'm telling stories to people who've read these pages,
the background of my life allows us to talk faster or into places we wouldn't have otherwise gone
cuz they're educated
albiet about my life,
but why not study my life? or one writer's view of a computer revolution?
some people study madonna's navel.
or their own breathing

this seems to me a highest purpose of the web
creating interlinked perspective stories that attempt to move outwards inwards sideways explaining whatever part of the picture you might not understand
see, as I was reading this book, I took to underlining all the proper nouns
and the folks at electric minds were encouraging selectivity
but if you can make something relevant

write it, find it
at the other end,
then you've created a broader understanding that either reflects your own, or expands it.

cuz howard is a one man storytelling machine. we just need to find the right interface cable to get his machine hooked up the internet.

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