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6 july, 1996
dreams of porno concert warmup at swarthmore
not recognizable, neither is the band
ride in a funky truck to the concert
with the guitarists mother's social security number he wrote on my arm, I'm supposed to use that to get in
take a cab through a mall as part of the way there, leave my technology in the cab while wandering and we are separated,
at least I gave him some money didn't stiff the fare

to the concet I'm dejected over technology loss and so I think I'll get in for balance

no go

howard is back in bed
hard to get enthusiasm up for surfing somehow slow links

out in the sun, buyin' it


out on the town with howard's mom
she talks like an old school new york jewish woman,
here in the middle of marin

this after we deposit mamie at a friends up on the hill
weird being on the dropping off end
I'm transited adult now

town is shopping,
global exchange howard likes to weekly support
cuz it's an old school biz and has some nice philosophy

grocery shopping intercession

tom's instead of crest
good cereal

back to the house for 1 pm
doug has already arrived
starts taping
a little of me
I'm not prepared for whole trip narrative
and some of howard,
he's funny, we get along

howard sez he wants to manage doug

and so it goes,
mark arrives
spoonman in sunglasses

they're out to the garden so I can continue interview
and fetch the minds demo from cyborganic to the well

mom and george and lynn arrive
lynn thinks this painful thing on my foot's a planters wart

- so I should get local help she can recommend
its like a virus, trasmittable upon contact, so don't walk 'round in bare feets.

george is reserved but fortunately not my charge
he knows mark's father well
old greek guys, you know.

taking lynn for a tour sez I don't know how lucky
she sez I should sleep outside
howard warns about critters
mom thinks they might be scared away by my hair

so visual, that mark
in world wide jam,
to identify people or cities both what?

taking notes eh dude?
you're indefatiguable.

studying up on hoffman prep
reading her testimony

cites steuer on telepresence
(page 13, line 6)

and novak
they're married?
they have a kid

nicholas don't speak much
disappears early with mamie to play some computah games

while we, adults linger on the lawn

now judy in the house, in the yo sense
don't talk as much about the web,
she raises kids as conversation
not as sustained as
my trip, the web, design, their dry page
porn queen, she's been called
life of the testificating web experts

so I like tell some holy rollin' stories,
and she,

she don't believe in religion myth
she sez, I believe in science
because it's more real.
what does religion do for you?
doesn't provide a complete enough picture.

howard used to believe in sci and tech
but now we can't drink from any stream in the state of california
and we've accepted it
and we'll accept when you have to feed quarters into a machine to breathe.

they've chosen to be academic

she's got a hearty chortle
sits deferential to me
obvious in conversation
versus his voice is low
his comments infrequent

like when I sit next to him at dinner
wanting to be sure to treat him equally, I listen
but his low tone is nothing beyond a side conversation private
and I am too lured by the flow of the group mind
while nick played glowing game gear
over excellent mexican

john mccoy drove me in his red porsche
he likes cars
people who really like cars can always think of a nicer car
like a 48 cylinder $1million dollar car mc something
my god.

he's agressive
ambient inclined.

she's interning at interval
interval at interval summer long
so not so disclosing, except for flow, she's flowing these days.
how do people run with computers to like best learn stuff.

tried to get howard to share with her his conversant exchange value
versus her marketing hotwired hired expertise
but see, she wasn't necessarily ready to hear those words
not having come so far forward herself.

rolling home, john invaded some space

rheingold engagement
howard's last night at 48.

ganesh surfing

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