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g an esha


howard mentions ganesh often enough to pique my curiosity.

in his office, he has two devotional sculptures,

between the time of marin sight and purchasing, he learned that ganesh is the diety of writing and crossroads; no coincidences, eh?


so he seems like the orisha elegba; a doorway diety, at the crossroads, ask him for permission.

so maybe we should use these sculptures for doorstops?

or rather, the patron saint of electric minds

turns out to be quite a well-revered diety, celebrated in large festivals in india and even appearing off broadway and if you can believe it, in a fractal

I went looking for a good introduction to ganesha, you know, maybe some basic myths or something -

ganesh I found plenty of pictures, some explained the god himself alongside different shots.

occasionally up, there's hypertext myth stories

how he became eleheaded
how he gets off being fat
his association with shopkeepers
why he rides a rat

SRI recommends ganesh to overcome problems and interference's. Strengthens vitals, helpful for a new start in life.

somehow on a page associated with grateful dead spinning, insructions for worship

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