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16 june, 1996
frantic motion
punctuated by indulgent lulls
robe ties still the best for bondage

carnal prohibited - importite
a typical motion resulting
semi-stim so solo endup
mutuated belly spill

we tried to shower together
that didn't work so well either
I need more water, space to bathe

we still talk better than we move beyond groping and agression
it seems

brunch last minute callup for confirmed father's day brunch accomodated
nice, $25 per on expense
well smoked salmon is better than sex

they couldn't figure out which part of the dress code I violated
they seat us near the black people and children of employees

class anxiety and class acceptance and class
her similar background

I am so ready to leave gluttony and indulgence

the palace of brown
board a bus to boulder
a bus to pearl street

linger amongst designer hippies
me in my packback roaming typical
gourmet sandle shops
smoothies on every corner

a she of twelve years sang kuhmbaya for donations kumbaya, my lord.  jesus christ already, kumbaya.

tarot readings, glass pipes

"got a fat dread bead"

hair wrapd I spied the "boulder hair wrap cooperative"

so immersed and whelmed
this is just unreal
I retreat to a phone call, howard
attracted women, "justin, you don't have to fuck them."

whatever stage of the bizness he's in always seems to be the most scary
the edge
the ultimate fear.

wet time wet time
rain rain
it even hails some on these hippies
shelter under a public toilet lid
not yet middle aged man with flawed teeth
he recommends hiding drugs in old socks and money there too
alabama stabbed he and belongings scattered but not $3000 from smellysock extracted

two dancing black clad freaks in the square
of course they're my pickup
striking young

chris, drenched chris 19 is the offeree
silicon graphics tee

jer, uh, me. jeremy is more
just jeremy
well, thumbcuffs from his earrings are visually challenging
and he's toting a rather large wooden staff

computer science majors
they have run access to university computer labs

there we drive
they work with e? of the IETF
priviledged, hot shit

compu dudez

posting 06, 07

trip stories
new orleans page tour

charlie smokes more than one pack of marlboro reds a day
wow that's cool

for migranes, jeremy drinks 12 espressos each morning
in a large mug, with steamed chocolate milk.

my god.

these guys are tech saturated
they're talking excitedly about new processors

- virtual retina display
from university of washington human interactive tech lab
casting laser on your retina - corneal bypass, super high resolution.

chris noticed in the movie mission impossible
good guys use apples, bad guys use IBMs
not obvious, deduced from the thinkpad keyboard

at home, theirs home
an apartment shared with another geek, drew
who owns the deal
some money, he, they're about the only tenants under 30.

is toy saturated
supernintendo and playstation
tv and two laser disks players
piles and piles and piles of naked cds

audio and cd rom
entertain thyself

my lust is inspired,
but most of the cool games are missing or broken

chris tells me about the newer technologies ultradock
for my duo computer, allows me to plug into the world

faster, in more colours!

as for employment, chris works for us west

I'll see tomorrow
jeremy is a sysadmin at a new service provider
and drew works in a video game arcade.

driving to dinner in denver
goldfinger plays she's the bomb
they're all singing along
it's a bonding thing

paris cafe
there are a lot of hip looking yutes here

quite a card playing hearts, drew is absolutely franatic

he's a twitching compulsive brash gangly loud adolescent of a male

not altogether unlikeable.

someone selling porno for pyros tickets for $75 a pop, doc $100

"yeah I know I'm an asshole"

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