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6 june, 1996
5.30 wakeup for love's truck stop in oaklahoma
ate some organic carrots and sandwich "avocado delight"

what was that big lit up sign "jesus"? 'bout twenty minutes north of paul's valley - it looked like a stop, open
wonder if they have speed and coffee there.

the sun rises on the neverending city

jeering carloads of young kansasians youth

stumpwater cafe in oxford kansas

the bus is being pounded by storm

landing wichita picking up my exploded carrot juice I'm being taped

by eric
meet bert, stef at his side

remember these? he sez,
he smokes merit ultra lights

he's got weird energy to him
leans forward driving in the car
endmarital disaster eviction tales
and valued time with his son, lewis

to his large modest apartment in the midst of historic witchita district
sparsely furnished with more than one instrument of music

stef holds up the day's walter mossberg's wsj favourable feed writeup

righteous feedpraise
tell him to visit my web site I tell her
with my brother on the phone
he quotes walt at me
"too much of Web-based journalism is boringly self-referential"

roll into the old mill for lunch
it feels old country tile floor brass bar rail wood furnishings aged literal icebox functional
rob's a reuben expert - can't quite recommend this place
I order a half sandwich, trying to eat lite - a little meat
end up eating everyone else's scraps

local internet service provider feist
used to be future net company of friends
bought up by big 4 state local telecom

now everybody has a cublicle
there's content being provided
games info and slick front ends

they've got editorial people - moodies
and technical wizards - geeks
they seem to get along alright, humourous

zeal seemed kind of lacking
the sight, the atmosphere largely slick
jason was excited to show off his amazing irrelevant web counter

I tried to gadfly their horseass
if I'm a user, how do I learn how to make a web page?

instructions not yet public.
you've got this great classroom, when are you going to teach folks web publishing?
maybe in the fall.
you've done this page for the opera, I can surf it in under a minute
yeah, that's about as much as the opera company is up to
gary chapman mentioned community service, hooking poor people up with pages
yeah, we've got pages up for schools around the city
schools is not peoples
but hey
it's better than no thing

they did have a web cam
they welcomed me
and they seem to be doing something of something
I imagine it's not the most community charged atmosphere - what did I expect?

where's the passion?
some blinking flashing beeping streeping pages

we took some pictures, on actual film.

professional media to professional media
rasheeda Crayton
at the witchita eagle
she had a few questions perhaps by phone
we were in the neighborhood
I did a substantial brain download;
dead dads, poverty connection potential to change the world for the better, if only people realize that they can demand from the net the right to speak their stories and share in those of other folks - straight up.

she was a willing and copious notetaker.

home, pump up an air matress
feeling pretty demolished, but psyched to be able to post burbon portion of may 28 and 29
checkin' out rob's site I didn't realize he was exposin' hisself

semi-daily even

brief nap I woke myself up yelling about criminals

too tired to be on

dinner at the beer house
beer saturated entrees and dinner meat
many stares from drunks

alcohol's a volitile ingredient

arrive at the iguana
two for one drinks and a one woman band

kathy d. sullivan impressive independence cheesy tunes
spooky little drum machine like you
everybody cheers for dust in the wind

I order vodka gimlet, I learned from mckenna

dowdy julia asks me from afar what's wrong with my hair
then curls her fingers in invitation
drunk, she will take me back in the bathroom and suck my dick right now

she's lonely needs sex
aren't you with that guy?


working on a device for cerebal palsey multiple sclerosis folks to break a light beam with hand motion to select letters, words, phrases
sponsored by nasa and air force to explore trainable pancreatic brain stimulation light beam break without motion
you could be catatonic and still communicate with this thing

she is eminently ignorable, so desparate
he is earnest and
an outside invitation he makes for intoxication I turn down
they leave
and so do we almost

when I am again queried over my hair
by a chestnut haired

jennifer we chat over hair and publishing progress over the internet
she's so bold
we were bound to talk about aries
she wants to know about, been turned out by cancer womanlover

having known such folks (as vaguely one 24th the population)
I spin astrological for more than moments
cancers in my experience have something they hold on to
the piece buried from which they mother and the piece they're trying to nourish
you will try to get there, they might invite you
but that you will never see
and so could chase forever

and don't we all have that? isn't that useless generalizing that's even more so? prehaps - but she needed a metaphor.

so what's the net? turned her on but didn't know rob well enough to give her his phone number for long term assistance

aries man, they're so quick.

lingering in stef's nice hotel room watching cable
trying tor emember a song

stories of stories I can't publish on the way back in

bert asks
what's your muse?

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