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"Marin County is marked by mammillary hills, magnificent beaches, coastal wetlands, baylands with spectacular views, rural pastures, and narrow wooded valleys between untouched ridgelines. The range of breathtaking juxtapositions may be unmatched in such small compass anywhere in the United States. Add the easy commute to San Francisco, and you get an extremely desirable jurisdiction that is the most rabid in the Bay Area about retaining open space and protecting the environment. Not surprisingly, the limits to growth have driven up housing prices. The people who live there are well-off, educated, and environmentally aware. Forget about an Edge City achieving escape velocity there anytime soon. San Rafael would have to more than double in size.

- from Edge City, by Joel Garreau, page 314.

i go there regularly to visit Howard, and during electric minds i lived there too.

this is like porsches and sport utility vehicles now. still the occasional volkswagen whatever.

lynn lives there too, she loves the nature.

marin surrounds mount tampalpais (where i went with haia) - a beautiful place to walk only a half hour from san francisco. it's actually stunningly beautiful for being less than one side of a tape away from such a big city.

mill valley whole foods market is the best place in the world to see thin ladies with their huge mastiff dogs.

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