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1 june, 1996
one of the fifth street lads volunteers a ride
dave with a prestigious goatee
he plays guitar, but not at a nearby blues bar
cuz they've got their own sceen
you're interesting
he says, leaving me at the greyhound

two hours bus to san anton
I sleep solid
dream of french kissing wilson in the middle of rush street marti gras
we end up rolling around on the pavement
then I was like selling drugs or buying drugs at my family reunion, or something, man
I dunno, it was weird.
my neck kinda hurt

land in san anton,
call mom, chat business style
colin conferenced in
his book is soon come out, where's the party?
mom suggests the chicago club
bow ties and old white dudes on the walls
fuck that man, colin, your book is about rebellion, to a greater degree than the chi club
besides, who's your market? teenagers. you should throw a party more age accessable

this is a wine and cheese party for adults as well,
I think the chicago club is a fine idea mom, a fine idea. thank you.

justin, where are you headed next?
weird man, he concertedly shifts the subject and I talk a bit about my trip and they get me off the phone
but not before they share that colin's boss saw me on pbs,
so colin and mom want to acknowledge that I am a celebrity
great, i'll try to get them some groupies
"I'll go now, you guys can schedule the chicago club."

his book after all
I'd like to help with a web page for it

gourmet food shop near the terminal
8 dollars for health lunch, man what a treat
fresh vegetables, avocado, tabouleh
a little california even here in texas

jeff on my way to the terminal to call amy

waylaid by jeff
punk ass white rash hair cut and painful acne a sign
a sort of depressed dude
dark old style mercedes pulls up with black driver
black child and whife
see that? that guy's a drug dealer.

any black dude with a car like that has got to be sellin' drugs
what else could he be doing?
um, well, he could be a weatherman
nope, how much he make doin' that? he'd have to sell drugs on the side.

how much does bill clinton make? yesterday I sawi t on the tv

- he makes like 2 or 3 hundred thousand a year
but his gross income last year was around 5.
so where's he gettin' that extra money?
no! gross income - not including investments
he's doing something illegal.
how about you jeff?
hell yeah!

memo joins us, hispanic, aware
jeff recommence his rant

if they got a nice car, money, or a beeper
I got a beeper
what chu got a beerper for?
memo drives george strait's tour bus
all of george's exes live in texas

somewhere in there jeff reports there are 6475 cars stolen a day in El Paso.

jeff and memo

commiserating on the greyhound
"oh this sux" "it really truly does"
jeff bitchin' hard about his camaro
side slammed by a pot smoking elderly woman
source of his misery
at least he's not dwelling on race shit
the bus driver recently totaled his pickup
or rather was similarly slammed by a woman
he was surprised at how good they fixed it.

jeff formerly a horseracer been banned from the track for ten years for race fixin'
he reports that
the sherrif of comal county don't mind two things
you can grow all the pot you want
as long as you give him some
and two, he don't crack down on child pornography.
folks try to get him out of office, but he's just got too much money.

everybody sez austin is beautiful -

I wouldn't know I was rewriting billie on the way in.

amy picks me up at the greyhound station,

she's alone, blonder than I expected
it's hot here in texas.

she's set aside a room for me, a matress in the midst of storage
and I get to see her space - where is borne

on the wings of quickcam and macintosh

jeffey in beddy jeff her roommate seems a proto-slacker
reclining on his bed amongst musical instruments unemployed
a nice guy with long hair curteous and handy around the house

sagg amy mentions he's a sagittarius, so is she, she's into astrology
it's how she found my pages


trei called, he's down to hang out
trei shows stout young
we didn't know how much until dinner, he confesses 19 worth
as amy put it, he's an evolved 19
has read a lot of my shit, howard's, cyborganic

whaleing wall we dine at martin bros where the food is healthy, sure and oily yeah.
between us, we head out for dinner with two or three cameras - amy likes to take pictures as well, she has a quicktake 150

trei's lived alone, lived together, chosen to live with his dad

enrolled in community college, taken time away
now he lives at 19 alone gainfully employed in this big city

some folks I know, living alone in the city and having a job at 19 is like "an experience" not life
not going from private school to college nurtures a certain independence

vulcan video for slacker
the austin epitome I haven't seen

austin epitome perhaps toy joy store

two employees dressed like romper room chasing each other around with plastic pokers
we join in the fun

like sanrio, a japanese plastic manufacturer

has a character whose characteristic action is crawling up into cow's anuses and causing anthrax

Pi! - that's the name

amy's holding it below:

toy joy, boy

sub way lauren at subway
disaffected fast food employee, american, woman, youth
only the stud of her nose ring remains at her chin - like a fierce whisker

some hooligans rowdied her late at night, threw stolen black and grey paint around the bathroom walls

it looks pretty cool,
I didn't think it was subway.

late night flyer designs and stories of the holy roller

I settle down alone after 4am to write about my austin arrival,

I'm too fried to remember much, or well

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