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31 may, 1996
late wake up to find my computer starting funny
like not starting at all
when I plug it in it won't run
only works on batteries

time with tech support

only one phone in this house next to a doorknob hung kitchen trash bag laden with rancid foodstuffs
call austin, speak to bill
arrange for a computize part shipment and repair

imelda brings her daughter danielle
danielle brings her cat

chiba chiba damn if chiba ain't ornery, mebbe somethin' 'bout livin' in a well travelled house
where everybody plays with it intensely for minutes on end
versus danielle likes to squeeze and hold hers

that's the nurture explanation
of why chiba followed the other cat around biting it, pawing at it
lookin' for a faht.

imelda with child, two years old precocious danielle

now me sag, imelda aries, dani leo - a fire fandanglo

a good place to eat in corpus cristi is the viet nam deli

the good sandwich has meat in it
so much for enlightenment

we stop at office depot for my favourite pens

for UniBall Vision Micro

lawyers we visit lawyers friends, folks she might work for do some consulting
everyone is
like these lawyer folks
doing local gigs, going to lawyer trade shows, advertising web put ups

there's two guys, both have seen my web pages

so this guy sez,
howzit feel to be known as the page everyone comes to for sex links?

I would feel less redeemed if imelda hadn't found me through jane's addiction

danielle mom and puter catering to her guest, Imelda finds me five full geek out hours in the tamucc compu lab

we ordered pizza
I transferred some pikchures and worked on the gospel.

I felt bad about keeping those folks around during my workin's

she said son't worry about it - I love computers
and danielle was entertaining herself I guess
but Imelda, she was mostly consuming the web - that's why I felt bad
I would have felt better if we were both building stuff.

browsing, my next hostess

she's pretty cute - I forgotten she has a boyfriend

last minute leaving, joel slotnikoff mails me
"sweet 19yo ex-hooker's story"
that's some shit, I put it at the top of all my pages for a few days.

when we left, my glasses steamed up ninety five degrees outside - fourty deegrees inside
damn there was not only my glasses steamed up
but humidy formed on me fingers!

it jes' ain't nachurl!

so then I was left at the house, right, jes me by myself
I played a lot of drums - a kit, a good pounding session

ismael's brother comes in

sez where's my brother, I dunno
how old are you? you buy some beer for my and my friends? ismael would do it if he were here.

something said I could refuse on moral principle, but I was young once, and why shouldn't I help a guy out

so I got money from five folks or so - to buy bud and bud light
some were twenty - didn't seem a problem

I did and returned, left their beer on a trunk, headed for the house

guy sez - I'm not picking that up
five oh rolls in with flashing lights and spot lights

five oh rollin'


do you know what corrupting a minor is?


blah blah blah

I'm doing tai chi to calm my nerves

do you have any dope on you?

cuz one of the latinas did
you think I'm dumb enough to have a hairstyle like this and carry pot on me
in texas?

they made her pour her bag out,

they tried to strike the fear of god and the law in me
and let us go, keep our beer.

the kids pict it up, took off

I'm not inclined to help corrupt the youth agin.
alcohol's dum.
likker laws are dummer.

being in jail in corpus cristi for bud light is dummes.

watching strange days
a cyber flik
expensive trash
fun for technology, future vision a little wrenching
the acting out of the inevitable millenial apocalyptic vision

to say goodbye to my hostess,
I had to leave the house twenty minutes before the end

now I sit out here with my powerbok in the ocean tickled breezes
it's cooler out here
a little unnerving - trees scraping the sides of houses sound like


otherwise you can hear the sound of the flik rock
it's 3.50 am, I really don't have anyone to fear
my bowels are acting up
it feels very poetic
to be far away from a streetlamp,
next to a pile of trash, typing on some drought dried grass

tomorrow is austin
I'm leaving because I've been here before
tomorrow night is the full moon
a spiritual lad invited me a drum circle
but I've been stoned
and now cynical, there's more in new experiences, places, people
my shoed feet step fast time in another city
maybe there they won't know it's the full moon
I'll know it, they'll feel it.

wakeup in five hours
life doesn't want me to sleep much
some day I'll sleep a lot
it won't be tomorrow.

I ate a lot of pizza for dinner
pardon the cheese
farts breezed away

my hair blows around
soft dirty knobules
timothy leary's dead

he passed away quiet
and he knew it

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