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15 may, 1996
too many day today indoors packing
computer broke off the net so I spent more than hour on tech support phone
waiting for crash and boot, I offer the guy my web page diversion
"cool, never looked at a caller's web page before."

I took a break or three to chalk up sidewalks around campus

I take longer now to advertise sinners since I learned to smudge chalk
nothing like mixing pigment with your fingers

then the rains came, said hey buddy,

do it again.

duncan confessed his recent dream
perched on a ridge, in a meadow
he's naked, legs spread
jesus is naked, sucking his dick
duncan has an orgasm, it's great
but jesus won't stop
hey, thanks, that was great.
but he just won't stop sucking

dream fades, he wakes,

realizes later jesus was waiting for his second cumming.

nose rod

drank damiana at dinner
some aphrodisiac
I slept well
immediately soon thereafter.
researching delayed past days
heavy body mods
bruce grant

got a shamanism final in class essay back from bruce grant

22/40 - Final Grade: C

"So sad!
we can talk abt writing any time if you like."

context, I guess free verse indulgence don't fly in this school

"mastering the web should not make you illiterate!"
"always use full sentences always"


heard today from cam,

his brief autobio has a funny chandra narrative


carew's leaving

i gave her a painting
her I'll know for some time.

her enthusiasm undying

the many months effect due next sighting unknown time ahead

allegra's visitin'

wedding postponed til november to accomodate parents
who think she's too young
never sassified.

(ned reports that ben looked up
"gruntled" (without the "dis") does mean happy/satisfied

carew and allegra, spiritual sisters, discussin' the bible

a disses the old testament, c sez its like history of lusty kings.

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