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s o n i c

Ann Hang around these parts long enough and you are bound to run into this boundless woman.

Sonic (36k .aiff) is part femme, part cartoon character, she's completely hyper, types 120 words a minute, and makes weird noises.

She learns as fast as she types. She metabolizes food faster than that, she's as thin as a rod.

A dear friend, wonderful and caring and surprises you with her thoughtfulness.

Occasional bouts of hardheaded moodiness, she can be utterly impatient and intolerant.

smiles A diplomat's daughter raised hopping around southeast Asia, sometimes being polite to people because she had to.

Her father sounds in some ways similar to mine, smart, conservative, drinks, and listens to folk music. Maybe that's why we are both hyper.

She went to Simon's Rock for the first part of college, more immediately radical than Swarthmore. Three hundred seventeen year olds isolated in the Western Mass Berkshires forest. Hormone city!

There she developed a taste for hippies, fortunately she got over it before she met me. These days she seems to be attracted by Unix proficiency. and scrawn.

Ann I called when I was arrested, and when I was set free (200k .au).

check out her site, it rocks the free world.

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