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14 march, 1996
I rented a car today
from A-One rental
they posted large in the yellow pages
"we rent to 21 year olds"
spent a bit of time
puttering san fran with sonic
we went to an art supply store
an easy place to get inspired
she picked up some femo
I like a particular notebook
I've only found sold here,
double spiral bound vertical
stiff plainish cover
unlined paper
tonight was a TND
irish night
I ate some corned beef
didn't get to any guiness

swatties came a callin'

at my invite
they're on spring break too
I love sharin' scenes,
it can give me so much energy
and I loved my friends
can entertain themselves
no hand holding good times
between wonderful, weird folks

that's these TNDs alright

chris from biancaTroll
has been to Cyborganic
and my house in Chicago

they get 35,000 users a day
hotwired gets 22,000
I'm down to 13,000
bianca is looking for a home
controversial content with the cda
have to find some faster friends.

spoke to marin
she spends much much time on the space bar

but she's good, she's getting out
wouldn't it be nice to escape private messages and personal catch up?
she thinks anonymity, multiple identities is dishonest
especially if you're interacting with the same people

my eyes are drawn to a made up blonde

hefty sexy
drinking a warm bud light
she looks like she's in ad sales
why do I find that aura tonight intruiging?
someone presents recoved data
from my old system
11,347 items in a single folder
I have to sort through this weekend
now I'm drooping hard
nothing productive gets done when the eyes close
in spite of my internal monologue.

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