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after a crazy nite, I arrived home, tried to write for an hour, fell asleep at 6.30am to the rising daytona beach sun. it was cold, I was awoke many times throughout the day by phone calls, some my mom, some I didn't reach in time.

typed in the midst of my sleep,

didn't check it,
this was the first line:

wandering with clinwonab after wonab sanples
wandering with clin (?) woman after woman samples
red sparkly drinks straws
it's a turn on, like drugs
cameron questions
an invitation without many follow through

as he does I drop my drink in a trash can

real life: mom calls

josh and gk have gone on comedy tour together
I am slightly jealous, aware of incongruity.
touring around joshes house with him
then in the back of a department store with megan
who used to work there
I think she's a big josh fan now too

touring josh's artsy apartment
I ingest an enormous amount of snorted ecstacy
I'm with a biker type easy woman
blonde older
she cums easily
shows me by sprinkling me

josh fins us a place to leave the party
to screw around
it is the same verge of bliss feeling I had from CK
into a basement room where other people are so fooling
I'm paranoid that josh will tape us and use it against me
besides she's hedging
it's all falling apart
have I taken too much ex?

swarthmore, somehow
with some white racists, exploring their colours
yoni doesn't want to listen
so there's an ethiopian concert
gk is drumming the orff instrunments real fast
I notice, he ceases and grins

I observe huddled ethiopes off to the side
part of the performance, unseen.

everything is rocky, we are in craggy limestone.

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