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last night makes my second dream about Cher. this one's weirder.

31 july, 1996
cher lives at 209
we play in a carpeted pit
giant swinging wicker baskets with little children

she thinks george is really unfortunate

something down in my life
mom moved too fast
she's my friend, but it wasn't that bad
she is really beautiful
as we talk in a giant long dining room
overlooking the lake
I'm steadily disrobing
the others enter (mutual family)
and I'm rebuttoning my shirt for propriety

there's a party commencing in this giant apt
wandering around
there's a young madman yelling things in schizophrenic slur into a white antique phone
I have the waiters bring me hot water peppermint tea
as I hunt nettles to calm him down
I realize I've left them at the rheingolds.

cher and I walk together
she's lived here for years
some boy kevin she's known, he works at organic

they've unearthed an alien structure outside the window
next to the water
it's actually from the 1892 worlds fair
iron lattice, giant height
it is strong, I pull up on it, and bend it.
it's old.

there's another 21 year old on the scene
between them become sexually charged
by alien power
from this unearthment
her breasts are swelling
so is his cock
they are drawn
and I am observing
she's dealing with the police a little
there's a war commencing
and some of it is being faught in her mind
I suckle one of her enlongated sparkly plastic breasts
and enter the force.

full moon?

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