Tuesday, 27 April - link


This is fantastic, from Fleshbot - someone has taken the Japanese pornographic video game model, and Japanese pornographic video game themes, and rendered it on the web. In English! Terrific homebrew interactive porn: Shokushu High School

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Thursday, 4 March - link

Temple of Ishtar

One search term leads to another -

I've been researching Sacred Sexuality, and I've come across The Ishtar Temple. I'd heard about temple prostitutes and sacred sexuality in pre-Christian times; according to this site these were Temples of Ishtar, Ishtar the fertility Goddess. The site is content rich, so there's more to learn still. Nice to find sites bent on education more than sales and promotion. And they have nice links too, and bibliographies. Smart folks studying sacred sexuality! How fortunate I am that they seem to be based in Northern California. Perhaps that's not by accident?

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Wednesday, 3 March - link

the things you find

The things you find searching for sacred sexuality on the internet:

dagny kneeling

This Dagny woman has a wide range of sites and offering, including some rather odd flash-based sex hypnosis. Man the internet is weird. And sacred sexuality? Well, the search continues.

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Saturday, 27 December - link

Best Way to Surf Porn

Here's the best way I've found for surfing porn:

- Download and install Mozilla or Firebird.
- Edit your "Tabbed Browsing" preferences so "control-click" opens a new tab and not a new window.
- Pull up your favorite thumbnails site (examples: TheHun or Thumb of Thumbs).
- Browse the thumbnails site, holding down control while you click on each entry you wish to inspect further.
- Use control-page up, control-page down to examine your selections. Hopefully your keyboard allows you to do this one-handed.
- Bonus? Mozilla can block pop-up windows! No more Infinite Pop-Up Porn Window browsing experiences.

(Note - this best porn browsing method will work for articles on your favorite news web site to boot).

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Saturday, 27 December - link

Thumb of Thumbs

TheHun is famous for linking to free porn galleries. Most of these galleries are "thumbs" - a dozen photos preview for a pay porn site.

It's a beautiful concept. Scan the lines of text until you find just the right pissing latina or busty transsexual threesome. But all of that work to find visual pleasure seems silly when you see something like Thumb of Thumbs. Thumb of Thumbs shows picture previews of free thumbnail galleries. Of course! I want to browse by picture, not so much by text! Fortunately, they have both. Genius.

They don't have too many pictures of men, but many aesthetic categories of ladies are represented. TheHun has their own "thumb of thumbs" - Thumbs Up. Unfortunately, their links are only to single pictures, not to collections.

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Saturday, 27 December - link

Creamiest Housewife on the Net

Bukkake seems to be a meme that started in Japan and made its way back into Western porn. But cum is timeless - some people seem born to immerse themselves in semen.

lorshaI say this as I gaze over photos of Lorsha:
- gulping down massive loads of cum and grinning
- drinking wine and cum
- dressed up in purple princess robes and performing oral sex
- drinking cum from a phone
- slurping cum from a high-heeled shoe
- waiting eagerly for another load.

I guess everyone needs a gig, something that distinguishes them. There's something striking about her expressed enjoyment. Gradually she's turned her fetish into a small media enterprise, selling access to movie, picture and audio file archives of her cocksucking exploits. A 21st century cottage industry - acting out a particular sexual fetish for people around the web who will pay to watch. She is one of Jennicam's Children.

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Wednesday, 17 December - link

Fleshbotted Sex Statues

I found some wacky, wild, large sex statues by Colin Christian. Where would anyone ever put these things?

I sent them to friends, and to Fleshbot - my first accepted submission: "the Callgirl of Cthulhu"

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