December 27, 2003

Creamiest Housewife on the Net

Bukkake seems to be a meme that started in Japan and made its way back into Western porn. But cum is timeless - some people seem born to immerse themselves in semen.

lorshaI say this as I gaze over photos of Lorsha:
- gulping down massive loads of cum and grinning
- drinking wine and cum
- dressed up in purple princess robes and performing oral sex
- drinking cum from a phone
- slurping cum from a high-heeled shoe
- waiting eagerly for another load.

I guess everyone needs a gig, something that distinguishes them. There's something striking about her expressed enjoyment. Gradually she's turned her fetish into a small media enterprise, selling access to movie, picture and audio file archives of her cocksucking exploits. A 21st century cottage industry - acting out a particular sexual fetish for people around the web who will pay to watch. She is one of Jennicam's Children.

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