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January 2004, I travelled to Las Vegas for the Adult Video News Awards, and the Adult Entertainment Expo. I wrote up three angles, coverage:

dollpoint Every profession in the world has a conference, from Pimps to Podiatrists. Why not sex workers? Each January in Las Vegas, the Adult Entertainment Expo convenes the people who sell human desire.

Adult Entertainment Expo 2004 - Review

oldsters Tell your friends you're going to Las Vegas for a sex convention and you get a lot of eager questions when you get back. Did you have sex with a porn star? No - I met some inspiring sexy people. But I was spooked when I looked deep into a few pairs of eyes in the industry and I saw some damage.

Adult Video News Awards 2004 - Reflections

sinulator The adult conferences happen simultaineously with the Consumer Electronics Show. I left the CES behind to search for innovative wireless applications in the adult world:

TheFeature.com: Value of the Vibrate Function

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